Tammy Wynette's Husbands: How Many Times Did the 'First Lady of Country' Marry?

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Tammy Wynette’s Husbands: How Many Times Did the ‘First Lady of Country’ Marry?


Tammy Wynette, a country music superstar, married for the first time at age 18 and remained married for more than 35 years. Find out how many times she has walked down the aisle and read more about each of her weddings by continuing to scroll down.

Tammy Wynette’s First Husband

Her first husband was Euple Byrd, whom she wed at the age of 18 in 1960. He was an occasional construction worker, and they relocated frequently. She also worked as a cocktail server and a hairdresser at this time.

By the age of 20, Wynette had had two kids. And she left Byrd pregnant with their third child. Similar to her close friend Dolly Parton, she traveled to Nashville in 1966 with her children with dreams of becoming a singer. She quickly secured her first recording contract (per Country Living.)

Tammy Wynette’s Second Husband

In 1967, Wynette married songwriter, Don Chapel. Soon after her singing career took off, she was introduced to her childhood idol, country music legend George Jones.

Tammy Wynette's Last Husband Was Removed From Her Crypt

According to Biography, Jones declared his love for Wynette after a dispute with Chapel. She also said she had affection for him. She fled with him while attempting to petition for a divorce. She soon discovered, however, that she had remarried too soon after her first divorce, rendering the marriage legally void.

Therefore, Wynette was free to continue further with Jones.

Tammy Wynette’s Third Husband

Wynette wed Jones, published “Stand By Your Man,” and joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1969. They were a royal couple of country music and eventually had a daughter who was given a recording deal upon her birth.

But the marriage could not endure Jones’ drinking, which dominated his whole existence. They separated in 1975 but continued to collaborate irregularly for decades.

Tammy Wynette’s Fourth Husband

Wynette married businessman Michael Tomlin in 1977. According to the podcast Cocaine and Rhinestones, he was dating her stylist. She dated several men, including Jones and Burt Reynolds, at various times.

The tabloids began to track Wynette’s every move, and her choice of husband startled many who were following. However, the marriage was short-lived, as the couple allegedly separated in less than two months.

Tammy Wynette’s Fifth and Last Husband

George Richey, a singer-songwriter whom Wynette married in 1978 and remained with until her death in 1998, was her last spouse. Later, Wynette’s kids asserted that her longest relationship was less than pleasant.

According to them, Richey assaulted Wynette so brutally that, shortly after their marriage, the pair invented an abduction narrative to explain the horrific injuries left behind. And they claimed that Wynette herself provided the information. However, it was said that she feared leaving Richey because he threatened to expose her in a book.

In addition, Wynette’s children accused Richey of exploiting their mother’s drug addiction and leading to her death. They first sued him for wrongful death, but subsequently omitted his name from the complaint and shifted their emphasis to Wynette’s doctor.

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