God’s Crooked Lines Spoiler and Ending Explained


“God’s Crooked Lines,” directed by Oriol Paola, is based on Torcuato Luca de Tena’s 1979 novel of the same name. The film follows Alice Gould de Almenara, a stunningly attractive and remarkably perceptive woman, as she investigates the unsolved death of a prisoner at a Spanish asylum.

The deceased man’s family contacted her, a private investigator, so she could look into the situation. The various turns and surprises in “God’s Crooked Lines” make it worth watching despite the film’s length of 155 minutes.

Almost no story can be believed at face value; for example, despite Alice’s apparent credibility, is she actually a private eye? If she’s not crazy, why does she think there’s such a big conspiracy?

Plot Summary for God’s Crooked Lines

The doctor who recommended Alice’s institutionalization, Dr. E. Donadio, urged the asylum director, Samuel Alvar, not to believe Alice. Despite being hospitalized for multiple poisoning attempts, she wanted doctors to assume her husband had legally kidnapped her. He demanded money from her. Alice justified her husband’s poisonous silence.

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This restricted her assets and prevented the court from appointing a guardian. Alice’s persuasiveness astounded me. Alice became friends with Ignacio Urquieta. The facility’s famous twins, Romulus and Remus, linked her. Romulus was taught that one of the females in the facility was his sister and that he would do anything to protect her.


She wasn’t his sister, but he would fight anyone who claimed she was. Romulus was devoted to his mother, Alice. Damian slandered Romulus? Alice paused. Luis Ojeda was one of her multiple sexual assaulters. “Elephant people” guarded him.

She trusted him, but she suspected an illicit affair. Despite having dozens of suitors, she remained steadfast. She despised her situation but congratulated herself on her progress. Arellano evolves. She appealed to me. His silence gave her access to the staff restroom. She obstructed a toilet in order to review the hospital’s suicide/murder day release records.

The killer’s letter to Damian’s father, according to Alice, indicated schizophrenia. She suspected him because only Ignacio had left the institution on that particular day. She recognized him because of his fear. Ignacio suffered from hydrophobia rather than schizophrenia.

She told Ignacio that only Dr. Alvar was aware of her covert investigation and had allowed her to live among the patients to solve the problem.

“God’s Crooked Lines” lends its support to Alice. She was brilliant and mentally sound. Dr. Donadio, you are correct. Alice’s intricate scheme? Does her husband have her hospitalized in order to steal money?

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

The movie gives us hints that Alice is not in good health, but at the very end, it is made clear that she is not. She thought that Mr. del Olmo was Dr. Donadio by mistake. The final scene demonstrates both that she has the impression that something is seriously wrong, as well as the possibility that she is mistaken. Is she shaky? Maybe.

The movie demonstrates that Dr. Alvar is not a trustworthy individual and may be collaborating with Alice’s husband Heliodoro. Who is to say that they didn’t conspire to do this and that Dr. Donadio didn’t try to trick Alice? For me, the movie ends on a cliffhanger because we don’t know if the truth was told because we’ve seen other similar cases in which it wasn’t told.

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This is a case where the truth wasn’t told. Why is the past becoming more relevant in the present? The beautifully crafted flashbacks in God’s Crooked Lines don’t actually take place in the past. This is a look into the future that demonstrates that the events that occur to Mr. de Olmo’s son have no bearing on the sights that we observe.

They discuss Alice’s strategy to flee and then kill Remo. She started the fire at the hospital so that she could escape, but the Elephant Man, who loved their “sister,” ended up being the one to kill Romulo. Therefore, rather than running away, Alice heads back to the hospital to investigate the murder. I sincerely hope that you found this article to be entertaining.

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God’s Crooked Lines Spoiler

What did you interpret that to mean? Unaware of what it was about, I was surprised when it appeared on my Netflix front page and I watched it. I lost interest after the first 30 minutes because I assumed it would be a literal sequel to the book Shutter Island, either based on the same original tale that served as its inspiration or simply taking the same basic premise and changing it slightly.

However, as it continued, it became apparent that there was much more to it and that it wasn’t exactly the same. In my opinion, the film felt much more nuanced and complicated than a single, large-scale twist in black and white.

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When the movie is over, you’re left with a lot of questions and a jumbled mess of information in your head as you try to sort it all out. It appears to be rife with inconsistencies, making it ideal for a discussion thread where people can discuss and work out any issues.

Please avoid insults and that type of talk because you believe it was obvious because it will be simple for people with big egos to feel superior for “figuring it out.” I’ve already seen comments of that nature on YouTube.

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