The Jinx Season 2 Review


The Jinx Season 2 Review and Everthing Else you Need to Know

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Are you one of those who were kept on the edge of your seats by the mystery and thrill of Season 1? Then get ready, because Jinx Season 2 is back to take you on an exciting journey into the unknown!

Last season we saw a summary of Season 1, without spoilers, but the story doesn’t end there! Jinx Season 2 will reveal those mysteries and answer the questions that are roaming in your mind.

This season, the stakes are even higher and the challenges are even more complex. Will our heroes be successful in solving the mystery this time? Are they ready to face the demons of darkness? To get answers to these questions, you must watch Jinx Season 2! Then what are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belts and get ready for an exciting ride in Jinx Season 2!

Overview of The Jinx Season 2 Review?

  • Author: Andrew Jarecki
  • Director: Andrew Jarecki
  • Part: 6 (six)
  • Quality: HD
  • Language: English (with English subtitles)

What is The Rating of The Jinx Season 2 Review?

This season is good for watching if you want to watch this season, you can check firstly, what’s the rating season

the jinx season 2 review

What is The Plot of The Jinx Season 2 Review?

Season 1 offered just a glimpse of Robert Durst’s dark exploits – the disappearance of his wife Kathy, the murder of Susan Berman, and the strange death of Morris Black. In Season 2, we jump into the next chapter of this complex story, which will sensationally reveal the truth.

Robert in Prison: Season 2 takes a deep dive into Durst’s life behind prison walls. We’ll listen to his jail calls, watch his strategies with his lawyers, and take a look at his mental state. Will the prison bars be able to break his ego?

New witnesses emerge: Season 1 left many questions unanswered. In Season 2, the producers unearth people who have never been revealed before. These witnesses could play an important role in solving the mystery of Durst’s past. Will his revelations be shocking?

Courtroom Drama: Season 2 takes us closer to the dramatic moments of Durst’s trial. We will hear arguments from the prosecution and defense, watch the jury selection process, and await the verdict. Will the justice system be able to convict Durst for his crimes?

The Jinx Season 2 Review

Keeping the Mystery Last: Season 2 will reopen the case of Kathy Durst’s disappearance. Will the makers finally be able to expose this mystery?

How Many Casts Play a Role in This Season?

1. Robert Durst: The central character of the season, a wealthy real estate developer accused of three murders.
2. Andrew Jarecki: Filmmaker and writer who directed seasons 1 and 2.
3. Jeanine Pirro: Former Westchester County, New York district attorney and TV personality.
4. Douglas Durst: Younger brother of Robert Durst and chairman of the Durst Organization.
5. Michael Kennedy: Lawyer for the Durst family.
6. Kevin Hynes: Former assistant district attorney of Westchester County, New York.
7. Debrah Lee Charatan: Robert Durst’s third wife.
8. Susan Berman: Robert Durst’s friend and murder victim.
9. Morris Black: An unidentified man whose murder Robert Durst is accused of.
10. Kathy McCormack Durst: Robert Durst’s first wife, who disappeared in 1982.

Where to Watch This Season?

If you want to watch this season, you can visit the following link and see the complete season easily.

  1. HBO Max
  2. Hulu (with HBO Max add-on)
  3. Amazon Prime Video (with HBO Max add-on)

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