Harry Wild Season 3 Release Date


Harry Wild Season 3 Release Date: Cast, Plot and More

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Do you remember Harry Wilde, the retired professor who went on the run from killers? Then get ready, because she has once again returned to solve crimes with her sharp wit and amazing style! ‘Harry Wild’ is ready to take us on a new exciting journey in Season 3. What complicated cases will she solve this time and who will support her? Come, let us know all the interesting things about Harry Wilde Season 3 in this article!

If you haven’t discovered it yet, check out Harry Wilde on Acorn TV. The series stars Jane Seymour in her first regular TV role since her turn as the lead character in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Harry Wild was such a huge hit that the streaming platform immediately commissioned a second and now a third season.

“I’m thrilled for another mystery-filled season of Harry Wilde and can’t wait for fans to see what investigation Harry and Fergus face in Season 3,” says Seymour. “It’s been such a joy to play this multi-faceted character and it’s been great to return to Ireland again to work with this talented cast and crew.”

Overview of The Harry Wild Season 3

  • Writers: David Richards, Dermot Morris, and Sean O’Connor
  • Directors: David Richards, Dermot Morris, and Stephen Hopkins
  • Release Date: 13 May 2024
  • OTT Platform: Acorn TV and BBC America
  • Language: English
  • Country of origin: Ireland
  • Episodes: 6 episodes

What is The Release Date of Harry Wild Season 3?

The Harry Wild Season 3 Acorn TV release date is May 13, 2024. If you want to watch this season, you will have to wait till May 13, after that you can easily watch this season on the Acorn TV platform.

Harry Wild Season 3 Release Date

What is The Plot of Harry Wild Season 3?

The investigative drama revolves around the escapades of Harry Wild, a seasoned literature professor who struggles to cope with a life of retirement. After a mugging incident, she reluctantly agrees to stay with her son Charlie, who works as a police detective. Harry tries to help her son with a case after discovering a lead, much to Charlie’s dismay. Turned away by her son, Harry decides to team up with Fergus and embarks on an investigative journey, solving cases left, right, and center.

What is The Cast of Harry Wild Season 3?

Jane Seymour returns to reprise the titular role of Harry Wild. She is joined by Kevin Ryan, Amy Huberman, Rohan Nedd, Samantha Mumba, Paul Tylak, and Rose O’Neill, who round off the supporting cast.

  • Harry Wild (Jane Seymour): The retired literature professor turned detective remains the lead.
  • Charlie Wild (Kevin Ryan): Harry’s son, a police detective who likely continues his complicated dynamic with his mother.
  • Fergus (Rohan Nedd): The young man who assists Harry in her investigations is expected to return.
  • Amy Huberman, Samantha Mumba, Paul Tylak, and Rose O’Neill: These actors are confirmed for Season 3, but their specific roles haven’t been disclosed.

Where to Watch Harry Wild Season 3?

If you want to watch this harry wild season 3 you can visit the following platforms after 13 May because this harry wild season 3 is released on 13 May.

  • Acorn TV
  • BBC America

In Conclusion

Harry Wild Season 3 is fantastic and this season has 6 episodes. In this article, I wrote the latest information about Harry Wild Season 3 like his story, Cast Release date everything. So, If you like this article comment and tell us how you like this article.


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