Mike Episode 1 & 2 Review and Spoiler: Does Mike Win the Heavyweight Championship?


Mike Episode 1 & 2 Review and Spoiler: Does Mike Win the Heavyweight Championship?


Hulu’s sports dramatization collection ‘Mike,’ created by Steven Rogers, revolves around the actual biography of boxing legend Mike Tyson. After being imprisoned for burglary, Mike meets a prominent fighter named Bobby Stewart, who introduces him to a well-known trainer/manager named Cus D’Amato. After witnessing Mike’s abilities for the first time, Cus aims to make him the next world heavyweight champion.


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‘Thief’ opens with Mike being tormented by other youngsters in his Brooklyn neighborhood. When one of the children kills a pigeon, Mike beats him, making the other children know that he is not a weak youngster. Lorna Mae and her spouse have a strained relationship, which impacts Mike and his siblings.

Mike learns that in order to become a competent boxer, he must practice hard enough. Bobby refers Mike to legendary trainer Cus D’Amato after recognizing his potential. Cus understands after observing Mike that the youngster in front of him is bound for greatness.

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‘Monster’ begins with Cus visiting Mike’s mother Lorna to ask permission to adopt Mike as his new follower. Despite her suspicions about Cus’ plans, Lorna authorizes the required files providing authority. Cus coaches Mike and also brings him to the National Junior Olympics, where he is the only one to earn a gold medal. Mike brags about his accomplishment to his mother, who does not appreciate what her son is accomplishing. Lorna dies at some time, which has a significant impact on Mike. Cus considers adopting him to make it apparent that he is a member of his family.

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When Mike reaches adulthood, Cus begins to prepare for his professional career. To mention a few fighters, the fighter and fitness instructor make their presence known. Mike begins to thrash whoever stands against him in the ring while Cus looks at him. However, he never sees his tutor near the ringside. Mike rushes to a Manhattan hospital only to find his fitness teacher admitted to the hospital. Cus, in fact, suffered from serious illness until his final days. “I could not be around, so you’ve got to listen to me,” Cus said genuine, referring to Tyson’s book ‘Undisputed Truth,’ which he co-wrote with Larry Sloman.

Cus died from pneumonia at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan in 1985. When Mike informed him that he doesn’t want to be a boxer without him, the dying trainer couldn’t stand it. “Well, if you don’t deal with it, you’ll realize that people can come back from the grave because I’m going to haunt you for the rest of your life,” Cus said Mike, according to the latter’s magazine. “The rest of the world needs to see you, Mike.” “You’re going to be the world champion, the best there is,” Cus informed him.

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Cus wanted Mike to do something for him before he died. “Make sure you deal with Camille,” Cus advised Mike when it came to acquiring the previous’s better half. Cus died on November 4, 1985, at some moment.


After Cus’ death, Mike recognizes that he should win the bout against Trevor Berbick to respect his mentor’s memory and legacy. Mike dominates his opponent right from the start of the bout by firing punches one after the other. Despite the fact that Cus is not there at the ring, Mike wins the same for him.

By beating Berbick, Mike became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. “Berbick was a formidable opponent. I never expected him to be as powerful as me… every blow I threw had bad intent. My document will live forever and will never be harmed. I intend to live indefinitely… I refused to shed… “I would have had to be finished dead to shed,” Mike said in a news conference following the bout that served as a stepping stone to his future renown.

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