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Diablo Season 27: What Time Will Season 27 of Diablo 3 Begin?

Jeremy Caroll

If Diablo Immortal isn’t quite your cup of tea, don’t fret: the Diablo 3 Season 27 Release Date is quickly approaching. On this page, you’ll find comprehensive information about the upcoming Diablo 3 season. This section will also serve as a countdown to the Season 27 premiere, with the most recent news as it becomes available. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Season 27 of Diablo 3 for the time being.

What Time Will Season 27 of Diablo 3 Begin?

Every new Diablo 3 season begins at the same time in every region of the world, although the exact date of Season 26’s launch is still unknown. Season 26 will begin at 5 p.m. PDT in North America, 5 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5 p.m. KST in Asia.

Diablo Season 27

It is also important to note that launch times typically vary depending on whether you are playing on PC or Console. Diablo 3 console players may have to wait a bit longer, as Season 26 may not be released until 1 am GMT the following day.

Diablo 3 Season 27 Season Theme

Diablo 3 has a new season theme with each new season, for the benefit of those who are unaware. Sometimes these are more permanent, such as the Season 23 follower redesign. Other times, these changes are temporary, such as the Ethereal Weapons in Season 24 or the Soul Shards in Season 25.

What Are the Season 27 Class Sets for Diablo 3?

At the beginning of each season, players are presented with a new selection of class set rewards. As usual, players who complete Season Journey chapters will receive three sets as Haedrig’s Gift.

Here are the Diablo 3 class sets granted in Season 27 by Haedrig’s Gift:

27th Season of Diablo 3 Cosmetic Seasonal Rewards

For players who might have missed out the first time around, Blizzard started reintroducing previous seasonal rewards with Season 17.

This indicates that in Season 27, the Season 15 awards are still valid. A number of portrait frames with a theme related to the Eternal Conflict will be offered in addition to the Chest and Glove slots of the exclusive Conqueror Set. Belphegor is eager to hold onto your coin as it travels with you on your adventures throughout Sanctuary if you’re an eager cosmetic pet collector!

Diablo Season 27

Blizzard also offers new End of Journey rewards with two new cosmetic items for players who complete the entire Season journey because they want to make sure that experienced players have something new to earn. Players can obtain the Corvus Cadaverous pet and Laurels of Knowledge portrait during Season 26.

When Does Season 26 of Diablo 3 End?

On August 21, 2022, Diablo 3 Season 26 came to an end. Echoing Nightmares will also be saying goodbye to us.

When Does Season 27 of Diablo 3 Begin?

On Friday, August 26, 2022, Diablo 3 Season 27 will launch, bringing with it Angelic Crucibles and Sanctified Powers/Items.

Season 27 of Sanctified Powers

Following is a list of Sanctified Powers for each class of characters in Diablo 3 Season 27:


All enemies within 25 yards are pulled in and held by the whirlwind.
Around the Barbarian, Hammer of the Ancients strikes in all directions. A potent shockwave is released by Hammer of the Ancients every seventh cast. Tempest Rhythm is produced in stacks when you hit enemies.

Enemies within 16 yards are startled upon activating Wrath of the Berserker, which costs 50 stacks of Tempest Rhythm and causes them to take 0.5% more damage per stack for 10 seconds. 100 maximum stacks


Now, the energy from the Blessed Hammer crackles, striking enemies within 15 yards of its path. Now, all runes except Dominion direct the hammer in front of the Crusader. Call down Fist of the Heavens every two seconds to attack a different enemy nearby.
You descend from the sky after casting Falling Sword with two Archangels that are equipped with powerful holy skills and are enhanced by your holy damage skill modifiers.

Demon Hunter

Strafe now casts the most recently used non-channeled Hatred spending ability.
Casting Vengeance summons a barrage of rockets that deal damage proportional to an enemy’s current hit points.

If the enemy is an Elite or a Boss, the percentage per rocket is reduced. This effect can only occur once every 60 seconds. When you fire a Cluster Arrow, its explosive force is concentrated into a piercing ray of light.


When a Monk casts Wave of Light, a bell is summoned at the target location that deals damage when the caster attacks it. At any given time, up to seven bells can be activated.
The second stage combo punch is used in all Way of the Hundred Fists combo punches.
For 15 seconds, the target of your Seven-Sided Strike is bombarded with spiritual punches. This only works on one enemy at a time.


Within 20 yards, your Golem can now pick up corpses. With the maximum number of corpses consumed per cast, each corpse it stores allows you to cast any corpse spending ability. A maximum of 30 corpses can be stored.
While this item is equipped, enemies within 50 yards are constantly attacked by the Army of the Dead – Unconventional Warfare.
Hitting enemies with Death Nova five times in a row adds a spirit that afflicts an enemy every fifth cast. A maximum of three spirits can be sent at once.

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