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Away Season 2: Has Making Away Been Stopped?

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American TV shows have already piqued the interest of viewers. Space dramas tend to be distinctive in some way. One of the most expensive Netflix productions ever is the sci-fi thriller Away starring Hilary Swank. Some claim that each episode of a show costs $6 million, but it is still worthwhile.

The Hilary Swank-led space drama Away, which debuted on Netflix in early September, has been steadily gaining popularity. Especially in light of the current pandemic, which has left even families feeling alone and isolated, the tale of the first crewed mission to Mars seems ominously contemporary. The protagonist of Away is Emma, who is portrayed by Hilary Swank. She is in charge of the three-year Mars expedition. Emma must depart the show without her adolescent daughter and ailing husband.

Fans Are Excitedly Anticipating

The first season ended as the recognizable characters made it to Mars without incident. The second season of Away has fans eager to learn what Emma and her family’s future holds. Because it is about a family, Away differs from other science fiction television dramas.

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Emma’s husband Matt (Josh Charles) suffered a stroke in the first episode, and by the end of the season, her second-in-command Ram (Ray Panthaki) declares his concern for her. The crew has only been on the journey for a few months, but it’s a lot.

There are still a lot of stories to be told, so a second season seems likely even though Netflix hasn’t officially approved the crew’s next mission. This is all we are aware of so far regarding Season 2 of Away.

Release on Netflix

Netflix has not yet picked up Season 2 of Away, claims webnewsobserver. But it doesn’t appear to be going to happen. According to reports, Away Season 2 won’t return, and even if it does, it won’t likely air until the end of 2022 or later.

This is partially due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which makes it unsafe for any production to resume operations. The extensive use of special effects required to make space feel realistic could also delay the production of Away Season 2.

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These two factors, especially when combined, make it impossible to quickly record Away without sacrificing its distinctive feel. However, the executive producer of the program, Andrew Hinderaker, has plans for more than one season, so the wait would be worthwhile.

He stated, “We always planned to start the first season the same way we ended it,” in an interview with The Cap Times. However, a segment of the show is titled “Away” because we have always been curious about that trip and what happens after they return home.

What Do We, Miss Out on?

It wasn’t your typical sci-fi fantasy, Away. Instead, it was a profoundly humanistic program about sacrificing oneself and the bonds that unite people from all backgrounds. There were numerous concepts about globalism and international cooperation in the first season of Away.

Private space exploration, which is what most of us discuss when we talk about sending people into space, wasn’t discussed much, but Goldberg made a hint that this might change in a potential Season Two. For instance, the top five space agencies in the world collaborated and pooled their resources to send the best astronauts and researchers to Mars. It’s a shame that Goldberg’s concepts for Season Two—which she discussed with Esquire—won’t be implemented:

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Many things about Away’s cancellation hurt, but perhaps the biggest one is that Netflix is losing a program that had an impact on viewers from all walks of life. According to Goldberg, the fact that characters from their own cultures were not just stereotypes but actual people made a big impression on fans in China and India.

She shared an emotional account with Esquire of how the show was received in Ghana. “Ghana-born Ato Essandoh performs Kwesi. The response, according to him, was “overwhelming.” “I can’t believe I’m hearing my language, Fante, on an American TV show,” people exclaimed. Ghanaians found it hard to believe. The people of this nation were ecstatic because they had never before heard their native tongue on television. There was some.

Disability-related audiences have responded favorably to Away as well. Wheelchair users have contacted Goldberg, she claims, to find out what brand of wheelchair Matt, Emma’s CCM sufferer, uses.

People with CCM were impacted by Matt’s journey when they read about his struggles in Away, and support groups contacted Goldberg to express how much this affected them. What a tragedy that Netflix is getting rid of a show that has such significance to so many people in so many different countries.

What will the crew of the Atlas discover on Mars? Will there be a race to be the first to make money in space if the private sector gets involved? Unless Away is picked up by another streaming service or networks like One Day at a Time or Tuca and Bertie, we might never find out. We can only hope that someone will find value in Netflix’s trash.

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Cast Members

All five astronauts returned to Earth alive despite numerous unfortunate events that occurred on the way to Mars, including space blindness, a severe case of mono, and numerous accidents involving water. Since nobody can travel in space, Emma, Ram, Misha (Mark Ivanir), Dr. Kwesi (Ato Essandoh), and Dr. Lu (Vivian Wu) should all return if there is a second season.

Expect to see more of Matt and his continued flirting with Melissa (Monique Gabriela Curnen), as well as the return of Lex (Talitha Bateman), the daughter of Matt and Emma, and her customary adolescent antics.

It’s too soon to speculate about brand-new characters. However, the second season’s potential exploration of the privatized space race, according to showrunner Jessica Goldberg, suggests that some new characters will be introduced. She is aware that the most thrilling advancements in space travel are coming from the private sector because the first season demonstrates a level of international cooperation that hasn’t been seen in a long time.


As was previously mentioned, it appears likely that, if that occurs, the astronauts’ main objective in Away Season 2 will be to establish a base on Mars. These five astronauts will stay on the planet for more than a year before beginning their long journey home. They will have plenty of time to argue with one another as a result. Ram and Emma got into a fight at the end of season one when Ram revealed his feelings for her to the commander.

Panthaki is certain that the plot has only just begun. He stated, “He has this shield, and it takes a lot to get through it,” in an interview with NME. He will give everything to that person if you divide it up. Consequently, it will be intriguing to see how everything turns out. At home, Emma’s husband Matt is also coping with Melissa’s unexpected declaration of love to him. When combined, these two things might make the couple’s long-distance relationship even more challenging.

Frequently Asked Question

Will there be a second season of Away?

Away on Netflix won’t be taking any more vacations. Deadline announced on October 20 that the Hilary Swank-starring program had been canceled after just one season. Given that both viewers and critics praised the show, it is unclear why Netflix stopped producing it.

As to Why They Stopped Making Away.

Away Season 2 is anticipated

Therefore, from a creative standpoint, the idea of a second season wasn’t completely out of the question. We were discussing the big questions that everyone who travels to Mars asks, according to Goldberg.

Has Making Away Been Stopped?

The one-season astronaut drama Away starring the Oscar-winning actress has been canceled, according to EW. The choice was made close to two months after the show’s September 4 premiere, when reviewers praised Swank’s portrayal of the lead character but criticized the family drama as lacking.

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