Who is Melia Kreiling? All About Sofia Sideris from Emily in Paris Season 3

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Who is Melia Kreiling? All About Sofia Sideris from Emily in Paris Season 3


The third season of one of our favourite Netflix programmes has finally arrived, and we cannot control our excitement! The third season of the television series Emily in Paris premiered on December 21, 2022.

Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins), who resides in Paris and is confronted with a handful of challenging decisions, is at the centre of the series’ storyline. She finds herself in a love triangle and must make a choice and choose her love life.

Melia Kreiling is one of the new faces we will get to meet in the third season of the show Emily in Paris. She portrays Sofia Sideris with Paul Forman, who plays Nicolas de Leon, in the Netflix smash series.

Who is Melia Kreiling, the actress who portrays Sofia Sideris in the Netflix series Emily in Paris? Learn more about the personal and professional life of the Hollywood actress by continuing to read.

What role does Melia Kreiling play in the third season of Emily in Paris on Netflix?

In the third season of the Netflix programme Emily in Paris, Melia Kreiling portrays Sofia Sideris. Sofia is a Greek artist who will soon play at a Paris gallery.

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In season 3 of the television series Emily in Paris, Sofia Sideris is anticipated to have a significant part as Kreiling. We are confident that Melia’s performance in the next concert will astonish her admirers.

According to Netflix’s description of Melia’s character, Sofia is a Greek artist who joins the Emily in Paris group in order to debut her current exhibition at Camille’s gallery. Sofia’s time in the City of Love takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself entangled in a passionate relationship.

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All you need to know about Melia Kreiling

Melia Kreiling is a professional actress. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1990 to Randall A. Kreiling and Katia Dimopoulou. Currently, she is 32 years old. According to numerous sources, she spent most of her youth in Athens, Greece.

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Kreiling, who is half-American and half-Greek, has always had an interest in the arts. Following her relocation to the United Kingdom, she attended the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She subsequently enrolled at the London School of Dramatic Art to study acting.

When did Melia Kreiling make her acting debut?

Room To Forget, a 2011 short film starring Melia, marked her acting debut. In addition, she played Bianca in four episodes of The Borgias, a German historical period drama series.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have known Melia as Bereet from the film Guardians of the Galaxy. Then, she received a lot of good comments from both fans and reviewers for her cameo role in the film.

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Melia Kreiling Cast in Various Tv Shows and Films

Melia is renowned for her work in the television shows Tyrant and The Last Tycoon. In addition to this, she portrayed the talented computer scientist Alycia Vrettou in the CBS summer series Salvation.

In December 2012, Kreiling portrayed Rosamunde Pilcher on television and repeated her role in The Other Wife. She portrayed Bathsheba in the History Channel programme The Bible in 2013. She portrayed Daliyah Al-Yazbek in the FX television series Tyrant shortly thereafter.

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Melia has also appeared in The Healer, Suspension of Disbelief, Company of Heroes, Leopard, Committed, X Moor, MindGamers, and The Last Note, among others.

Kreiling featured in the Fox television series Filthy Riches in the year 2020, which was based on the New Zealand series of the same name. She portrayed Ginger Sweets in the television programme.

Melia Kreiling is a dog lover

Melia is a huge animal advocate. Her Instagram feed is full of adorable photos of her with dogs, cats, and horses. She has a dog named Ouzo that she owns. According to her Instagram page, she discovered Ouzo on his last day at a kill shelter and adopted him.


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The actress is grateful to have discovered Ouzo and has remarked that her life has been filled with love and happiness ever since he entered it. This year marks Melia’s sixth year with her dog Ouzo.

Did you enjoy Melia’s performance in the third season of the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris? Please share your opinions in the box for comments below. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the newest information from the entertainment industry.

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