Kenneth Copeland's Private Jet, Controversies, and Net Worth

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Kenneth Copeland’s Private Jet, Controversies, and Net Worth


Kenneth Copeland’s net worth: In December 1936, Kenneth Copeland was born in Lubbock, Texas. His Kenneth Copeland Ministries is situated in Tarrant County, Texas, where Copeland preaches the prosperity gospel, also known as the gospel of abundance.

His ministry is carried out by means of television, books, DVDs, and CDs. Prior to his conversion to Christianity in 1962, Copeland was a recording artist whose track “Pledge of Love” reached the Top 40.

Kenneth Copeland’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, American author, public speaker, televangelist, and musician Kenneth Copeland have a $300 million net worth.

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In recent years, Kenneth’s opulent lifestyle, which includes many private aircraft (including one reportedly obtained from Tyler Perry for $20 million) and multiple houses, has generated attention.

His Wealth and Reliance

The issue surrounding Kenneth’s wealth and reliance on church funding to finance his luxurious lifestyle is widespread. Kenneth and his wife Gloria apparently reside in a lakeside house valued at $6,300,000 that is supposedly sponsored by his church.

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According to rumors, Copeland’s fortune might reach $750 million or possibly $1 billion. He has not rejected allegations of his riches and has confirmed to at least one reporter that he is a “very wealthy man,” citing oil and gas interests and reserves on his several estates.

Kenneth’s Private Jet Details

Copeland reportedly purchased a $20 million Gulfstream V private aircraft from Tyler Perry using church contributions. After acquiring the plane, he stirred further controversy by requesting an extra $17 to $20 million in donations to renovate the airport’s runway and hangar.

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Apparently, he has utilized this plane for resort getaways and other personal holidays. He has indicated in the past that he does not like to travel commercially because he does not wish to “enter a tube with a bunch of devils.” In 2009, Kenneth filed to the IRS for tax-exempt status for his $3.6 million private plane. His plea was turned down.

In May 2019, a reporter encountered Copeland at a private airport and questioned how he could explain his extravagant lifestyle. The subsequent video went viral after Kenneth’s incredibly strange responses to her queries. View the entire video for yourself:

His Controversies

Copeland has been at the center of several disputes. In 2008, Mike Huckabee appeared many times on his program to sell a book. Additionally, Huckabee utilized the ministries to gather funds for his presidential campaign. The occurrences prompted the United States Treasury to query the tax-exempt status of the church.

Kenneth generated more controversy in mid-March 2020 when he claimed to have cured and protected his viewers from Coronavirus by blowing the “wind of God” into their televisions (his breath).

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