Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61 Release Date


Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

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Bad thinking diary chapter 61 release date: After chapter 60 of Bad Thinking Diary came out, fans had a lot of different thoughts about it. And the reason is that it was the last chapter of the Bad Thinking Diary manga. People have different opinions about how it ends. Some like that Minji and Yuna were together until the end, while others are not happy with it.

It could be because the story didn’t end like a standard Yuri Manhwa, where the two lovers promise to stay together forever. Instead, the author ends the story by having Minji tell us about her normal life with Yuna and how she is still thinking at the end. Minji said at the beginning of the chapter that it was her first day of the semester. This could be a new beginning for her story with Yuna, or maybe I’m just overthinking it.

And if you’re asking if the Manhwa, Bad Thinking Diary, has a new chapter, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not there is a new chapter and when you can expect new information based on it.

Will Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61 Come Out?

Even though the story ended with “The End” instead of “To be continued,” something is still missing. The chapter did not show something that was important. Even though it was the last episode, there will likely be a second season or at least a spin-off.

I’m telling you this because the creators of Bad Thinking Diary tweeted something that will give all the fans hope. Honda, who wrote Bad Thinking Diary, says that today is the last day of the book and thanks all her fans for their support. She also said that she would come back with more information next week.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61 Release Date

Where the tweet from the artist of Bad Thinking Diary thanks all of her fans for loving her all the time. She also said that she would be back next week with a review. We now know from the Bad Thinking Diary’s author and artist that they have more plans for it, which they will talk about next week.

When to Expect News About Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61?

The book’s author has stated that there will be new information about Bad Thinking Diary on June 5, 2023, KST. The news could be about the new season or a new show that will be like it. Bad Thinking Diary fans would love a new season, but a spin-off series wouldn’t be that bad.

While waiting for the premiere of Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Eleceed and Secret Class.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 60: A Recap

At the beginning of the story, Minji is sick. She acted like her head hurt when she was going to college, but it didn’t. She wasn’t feeling well because it was the first day of a new week at college. She didn’t do anything, even though a new term had already started.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 61 Release Date

But she is glad that she went on a trip with Yuna and had fun at the entertainment park with her. Yuna came up to her while she was thinking about it and asked her what she was dreaming about. Manji was shocked to see Yuna because she thought she would be late because she was driving back from her hometown. She was glad to see her again, though.

The next time we see them, they are in their classroom. Minji shows Yuna the class schedule on the bulletin board and tells her that they have a meeting at 6:30. So Yuna asks if she wants to leave before that. Yuna tells Manji that they should go out for drinks together because she wants to do so.

They were getting along well until they saw Hyera at the bar. But everything went well because Yuna was with Minji. Minji’s last words in the chapter are, “I’m already getting used to this Bad Thinking.”

Where Will We Hear About the New Project From Bad Thinking Diary?

On their Twitter accounts, Honda (author) and Rangrai (artist), the author and artist will talk about what they have planned for Bad Thinking Diary in the future.

You can read Bad Thinking Diary in its raw (Korean) form on Kakao Lezhin. The English version of Bad Thinking Diary can be found on Lezhinus.


Bad Thinking Diary chapter 61 is set to release on June 5, 2023, KST. The story ends with “The End” instead of “To be continued,” but fans are still left with a sense of hope. The creators, Honda and Rangrai, have announced plans for a new season or spin-off.

The story follows Minji and Yuna’s relationship and their relationship, with Minji’s last words expressing her acceptance of her newfound feelings. Fans can read Bad Thinking Diary in its raw form on Kakao Lezhin and the English version on Lezhinus.

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