15 of the World’s Strongest Women (2022)


15 of the World’s Strongest Women (2022)


By social standards, men are the ones who go to the gym and get super ripped, while women are usually thought of as feminine and cute. However, there are some women in the world who can make some men feel weak when they stand next to them. Are you interested in them? If so, keep reading because this article has a list of the top 15 strongest women in the world as of 2022.

Bodybuilding has been seen as a manly trait for a long time. Even now, some women are seen as less feminine because they don’t fit with what society thinks men and women should be like. Still, some women are breaking free and going after their dreams. So, who is the world’s toughest woman?

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Who is the world’s strongest woman ever?

15/15 Tatiana Kashirina

World's Strongest Women

Tatiana is a Russian Olympic weightlifter who used to compete in the 90+ kg and 75+ kg categories. In 2018, the International Weightlifting Federation changed the categories, so she now competes in the +87 kg category.

Between 2010 and 2018, she won the World Championships five times in the +75 kg and +87 kg categories. She is also called the most beautiful and strong woman in the world.

Tatiana Yuryevna Kashirina
DOB 24-Jan-1991
Birth Place
Noginsk, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Height 177 Cm
Weight 239 Pounds

14/15 Aneta Florczyk

World's Strongest Women

At 16, Aneta Florczyk started her career as a weightlifter. She won the Polish Championships more than once, and in 2000, she was named the European Champion. Aneta is the first Polish woman who was kicked off the national team and then lifted 500 kilograms in powerlifting.

Name Aneta Florczyk
DOB 26-Feb-1982
Birth Place Malbork, Poland
Nationality Polish
Height 168 Cm
Weight 165 Pounds

13/15 Becca Swanson

World's Strongest Women

In 1996, Rebecca Swanson started out as a bodybuilder, but she later switched to powerlifting. She was told she was too big to do bodybuilding, so she tried powerlifting instead.

She is the only woman who has ever lifted 854 pounds while squatting, 600 pounds while benching, and 694 pounds while deadlifting. Because of this, everyone knows that Becca Swanson is the strongest girl in the world.

Rebecca Swanson
DOB 20-Nov-1973
Birth Place Papillion, US
Nationality American
Height 178 Cm
Weight 215 Pounds

12/15 Anna Harjapaa

World's Strongest Women

Anna Harjapaa is just getting to her 40s. Harjapaa, who will be 43 in May, just did well at the Arnold Sports Festival, where she won first place in the Amateur Strongwoman Championships for heavyweight amateurs. When she went to The Arnold for the fourth time, she was determined to get to the finals, so she overcame an illness that kept coming back.

Name Anna Harjapaa
DOB 24-May-1979
Birth Place Sweden
Nationality Sweden
Height 169Cm
Weight 160 Pounds

11/15 Chen Wei Ling

World's Strongest Women

Chen Wei-ling is a weightlifter and powerlifter who was born in Taiwan and has competed in the Olympics. Wei-Ling competed in the weightlifting event for 48 kilogrammes at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She came in 11th with a score of 170.0 kg. She was given the gold medal after the first gold and silver medalists were disqualified for using drugs.

Name Chen Wei-ling
DOB 4-Jan-1982
Birth Place Tainan, Taiwan
Nationality Taiwan
Height 149 Cm
Weight 104 Pounds

10/15 Judy Glenney

World's Strongest Women

Judy Glenney was an American National Weightlifting Champion and an IWF referee and coach in the past. She is known as a pioneer in women’s weightlifting and has been called the strongest woman in history because of how well she did in professional powerlifting competitions.

Name Judy Glenney
DOB 15-Mar-1949
Birth Place
Portland, United States
Nationality American
Height 167 Cm
Weight 162 Pounds

9/15 Britta Maggard

World's Strongest Women

For the past few years, Britta Maggard has worked as a fitness instructor. She said she played basketball in high school and started going to a gym in her hometown to get in shape.

She started training to lift weights and took part in a few competitions. She also won the title of Kentucky’s Strongest Woman in Louisville at the first Strongman Corporation competition.

Name Britta Maggard
DOB 1987
Birth Place USA
Nationality American
Height 180 Cm
Weight 155-165 Pounds

8/15 Jill Mills

World's Strongest Women

Over the course of more than 20 years, Jill Mills has been a pioneer and an icon of strength sports. Since she was a child, she spent her free time doing callisthenics and jogging on the family farm.

Before 2007, when the website Powerlifting Watch made powerlifting records official, Jill had already shown that she was a strong lifter on the platform. She set state and national APF records in the 165-pound and 181-pound weight classes with very little equipment compared to the multi-ply lifters used today.

Name Jill Mills
DOB 2-March-1972
Birth Place Indiana
Nationality Indiana
Height 160 Cm
Weight 167 Pounds

7/15 Donna Moore

World's Strongest Women

Moore was named the world’s strongest woman in 2016, 2017, and 2019. She’s a good example for women in her field and all over the world. Donna Moore is a legendary British strongwoman who has won World’s Strongest Woman three times and holds the Atlas Stone title.

Name Doona Moore
DOB 1-May-1980
Birth Place North Yorkshire
Nationality British
Height 171 Cm
Weight 170 Pounds

6/15 Sarah Robles

World's Strongest Women

Weightlifter Sarah Robles is from the United States. She qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she placed third in weightlifting, making her the first American woman to win a medal in the sport in 16 years.

At the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, she did the same thing in the +87 kg division and won bronze again, making her the first American woman to win two weightlifting medals at the Olympics.

Name Sarah Robles
DOB 1-August-1988
Birth Place
San jacinto, Calif
Nationality Ameirca
Height 179 Cm
Weight 309 Pounds

5/15 Bev Francis

World's Strongest Women

Beverley Francis is a former professional weightlifter, bodybuilder, and “shot put queen” from Australia. She is now retired from her sports.

In 1976, she went to the University of Melbourne and got a degree in physical education and a licence to teach. She then taught high school math and physical education for eight years.

Beverley Francis
DOB 15-February-1955
Birth Place
Geelong, state Victoria, Australia
Nationality Australian
Height 165 Cm
Weight 160 Pounds

4/15 Inez Carrasquillo

World's Strongest Women

Inez grew up in Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois. She and her sisters were taken in by her grandmother. She was good at volleyball and shotput. She has done nothing but play volleyball her whole life.

 Inez has only been doing strongman for a year, but he keeps breaking all of the world records. She has a good chance of being the next and first Latina to win the title of World’s Strongest Woman.

Inez Carrasquillo
DOB 14-February-1994
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Nationality Latina
Height 6’2″
Weight 155 Lbs

3/15 Annabelle Chapman

World's Strongest Women

Annabelle has only been a strongwoman for two years, but she is already known for being very skilled. Just six months before Tamworth’s Strongest Man, she won the England’s Strongest Woman competition by a huge margin, showing her peers that she had made it.

Annabelle Chapman
DOB 1994
Birth Place UK
Nationality British
Height 173 Cm
Weight 165 Lbs

2/15 Kortney Olson

World's Strongest Women

Kortney Olson is an athlete, fitness instructor, and bodybuilder who was born in the United States and grew up in Australia. She said that she was told to start bodybuilding at a young age, in part because she looked up to her older brother and in part because she was abused as a child.

She broke the World Record for being the fastest person to crush three watermelons between her thighs at the opening of GRRRL Clothing, which was mentioned above. Olga Liashchuk of Ukraine had set the previous record for women at 14.75 seconds. She beat that time.

Name Kortney Olson
DOB 09-Nov-1981
Birth Place
Humboldt, Northern California
Nationality American
Height 170 Cm
Weight 165 Lbs

1/15 Rebecca Roberts

World's Strongest Women

In 2021, Welsh strongwoman and clutch athlete Rebecca Roberts won the World’s Strongest Woman title at Daytona Beach. Roberts was born in North Wales and grew up there. Her mother died when she was young, and her father died of dementia.

Roberts works long hours, but he also trains for about 20 hours a week so he can compete at the international level. She spends a lot of time on social media, where she posts about her workouts, contests, and journey to lose weight.

Rebecca Roberts
DOB 28 As of 2022
Birth Place Wales
Nationality Wales
Height 193 Cm
Weight 295 Pounds

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