Tammie Frank, the Wife of Power Rangers Actor Jason David Frank, Has Filed for Divorce

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It would appear that Jason David Frank and his wife Tammie Frank are taking steps toward ending their marriage and divorcing. According to the allegations that were published by TMZ, the Power Rangers star Jason’s wife Tammie has decided to end their marriage and has initiated the divorce process.

Continue reading to find out the primary cause of Jason David Frank and Tammie Frank’s divorce, which you can learn more about by following the link.

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Tammie Frank, the wife of Jason David Frank, has submitted a divorce petition

You did read that sentence correctly. According to the court paperwork that TMZ has obtained, Jason’s wife Tammie has filed for divorce from the Hollywood actor, and she is claiming that he cheated on her during their marriage. Tammie has alleged that Jason committed adultery in the legal documents for the divorce. She listed her husband’s claimed extramarital affair as one of the numerous reasons why they were getting a divorce.

Tammie, who is no longer married to Jason and has since filed for divorce, went on to add that the couple’s marriage was failing owing to the dissension and tension that existed between them. In addition to that, she mentioned that she is unable to live with Jason because of the brutal treatment that he gives to her.

Tammie stated that the couple had separated on July 1 in the paperwork that she submitted, therefore that date is the one that was used. The couple has one child together. They have a daughter by the name of Jenna who has reached the age of majority. According to a post that was made on Jason’s Instagram, the couple’s daughter Jenna received her college diploma in May of this year.

According to a report by TMZ, Tammie is requesting that the court award her the lion’s share of their assets, which would include a car and a property in Texas that the two of them own together.

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A week ago, Tammie published a puzzling remark on one of her social media accounts

Tammie published a cryptic post on her Instagram account approximately a week and a half ago, in which she talked about starting over and getting rid of the negative influences in your life. On her Instagram feed, she shared a lengthy quotation that began with the words “God is saying to you today.”

The following is an excerpt from a quote that was sent by Tammie: “Look up, your aid is in me, not in mankind.” I am introducing something brand new into your life. It will emerge into the open for everyone to see. I am removing the unhealthy relationships from your life in order to make room for something much more positive and significant.

It went on to say that “They thought they were hurting you, but I am the one who took them away.” Put an end to your wailing over the loss and the letdown. You have to redistribute your energy so that it is directed toward the new things that I am bringing into your life. Have faith in the work that I am doing. Everything will work out for the best in the end.”

Prior to their divorce, Jason David Frank was married to Shawna

In the year 1994, the star of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tied the knot with Shawna, who would later become his first wife. The former couple shares custody of three children: two males who go by the names Hunter and Jacob, and a daughter who goes by the name Skye.

In 2001, the couple divorced one another and went their own ways. After that, Jason moved on with his life and in 2003, he wed Tammie, who is also a martial artist like him. Since then, Jason has had a successful marriage.

We are obligated to say that Jason David Frank and Tammie Frank should act in a manner that is in their own best interests as people. Don’t forget to keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.

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