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Chanel Ayan of “Rhodubai” Tearfully Discloses She Was Circumcised at Age 5: “I’m Beginning to Heal,”

Jeremy Caroll

Chanel Ayan reported in this week’s episode that “they basically tied us on the bed and we were circumcised.”

On this week’s Real Housewives of Dubai show, Chanel Ayan revealed a sensitive aspect of her background.

Chanel sobbed as she admitted during hypnotherapy that she and her older sister had been circumcised as infants and that their parents were unaware of it.

Holding co-star Dr. Sara Al’s hand, Madani’s Chanel said to the therapist, “When we were five years old, my aunt and my grandma came to pick us up to take us to another place. “And then they took us to this man’s house and they simply tied us on the bed and we were circumcised the next morning at 6 a.m. I had no idea where I was going at all.”

The model, who was raised in Kenya, has previously opened up openly about her difficult childhood, including the fact that her father beat her. But this was the first time she went into further detail about the torture she had endured.

Chanel Ayan of Rhodubai (3)

Chanel explained to the therapist, “I don’t have a lot of memories because I feel like I block stuff.

“The mother of Taj, who is 20 years old, recalls her own childhood with her parents, siblings, and a lot of tears from her own mother.

Chanel held Sara’s hand and sobbed, “The beatings, the anguish, the tears.” “That’s what I can recall. plenty of suffering”

Chanel delved into further detail about her psychological and bodily traumas as her therapist started to deconstruct her past trauma.

Chanel told the women, “We were chained in the legs. “Can’t urinate. unable to move. They would carry us and place us on the grass when we wanted to relieve ourselves. My mother was completely unaware of what was happening to us, and I just had no idea what the hell was going on. Chanel confided in the therapist, “I don’t have a lot of memories because I feel like I block stuff.

This revelation may have contributed to Chanel’s difficulty relating to some of the group’s female members, according to Sara, who was the one who first offered the idea of going to a hypnotherapy session.

Chanel Ayan of Rhodubai (3)

Sara remarked to the cameras that this would make Chanel a better version of herself and that it “explains about her behavior and how she is.”

Chanel’s vaginal region was sewed shut, so the circumcision needed to be surgically corrected.

Chanel, a virgin at the time she met her future husband Christopher, visited the doctor so that she may engage in physical intimacy with him.

Chanel said, “I couldn’t have sex. I had to wait until I recovered after that.

Chanel admitted that despite the difficulties, she has made every effort to see the bright side of everything.

In her confessional, Chanel remarked, “I’ve tried to understand. “If that’s my purpose, maybe that’s what I should be doing,” she said. “The reason I’m talking about it is to raise light to it and I want people to understand this happens every single day.”


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Chanel then disclosed to the ladies that when she was 14 years old, her father had tried unsuccessfully to sell her into marriage. She said, “I was protected by my sister, therefore that didn’t happen.”

The sad aspect is that I truly adore life, Chanel said. “I enjoy being joyful. I come from a good family, therefore I won’t say that I’m a victim because I’m not. My life is good. These are simply the most depressing aspects of my existence, but I am fortunate.”

Her past traumas were broken down, and then the hypnotherapy portion of the session started. Dr. Peta Cavanagh encouraged Chanel to imagine her life as a beautiful tree while standing in a huge garden, and Chanel was seen unwinding as she did so.

When the doctor instructed her to “tear down” the tree while keeping her eyes closed, Chanel started to feel better almost immediately.

Chanel stated, “I feel lighter.” “Like the mountain has been lifted off of my shoulder. I’m beginning to recover. I’m beginning to realize that because I trusted those who wounded me, they no longer have any influence over me.”

Chanel Ayan of Rhodubai (3)

Chanel confessed that she had at last found forgiveness for those who had injured her as the session came to a close.

For the first time in her life, she remarked, “I’ve decided to forgive them and accept what happened to me.” “I still have a great deal of life to live and a great deal of love to give myself.”

Next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo will telecast the Real Housewives of Dubai season finale.

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