Michael Vick Net Worth: How He Come Back to NFL After Facing Bankruptcy!

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Michael Vick Net Worth: How He Come Back to NFL After Facing Bankruptcy!


According to Wealthy gorilla, Michael Vick’s estimated net worth is around $16 Million.

Michael Vick is a former quarterback who played in the NFL for thirteen seasons.

Vick’s running talents were credited with revolutionizing the quarterback position, and he was chosen to three Pro Bowls.

Early Life

Michael Dwayne Vick was born in Newport News, Virginia, on June 26, 1980. Vick is Brenda Vick and Michael Boddie’s second child.

The family resided in the Ridley Circle Homes, a public housing complex in the economically downtrodden and crime-ridden East End region of the port city.


On September 9, 2001, he made his NFL debut against the San Francisco 49ers and saw minimal action.

On September 23, he completed his first throw in the NFL to wide receiver Tony Martin in the second quarter against the Carolina Panthers.

2004, Vick’s return to form, as he threw for 2,313 yards with 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He contributed 902 running yards and three touchdowns to the Falcons’ 11–5 record.

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Vick was the first quarterback to dash for more than 1,000 yards in a single season in 2006. He also established a record by averaging 8.4 yards per rush.

Vick declared in 2016 that he would play one more season in the NFL. On February 3, 2017, he formally announced his retirement from professional football after failing to sign with a team all season.

According to a Wealthy gorilla, Michael Vick’s estimated net worth is around $16 Million.


  • Ed Block Courage Award (2009)
  • BET Award for Sportsman of the Year (2011)


Michael was compelled to file for bankruptcy about the time he entered prison. He owes around $18 million to his creditors. During this time, he earned 12 cents per hour cleaning floors at the Leavenworth correctional facility. When he exited prison, he had a negative net worth. He even grabbed a job as a construction worker to make ends meet.

At the height of his NFL career, Michael Vick accepted the services of financial advisor Michael Smith. This proved to be a poor choice. Smith guaranteed Vick that he would have a net worth of $100 million by 2010, but he ended the decade with more than $20 million in indebtedness.

Michael Vick Blames a Lack of Maturity and Desire for Not Winning More  Games With the Atlanta Falcons

On October 2, 2012, court filings revealed that Vick had spent around $30 million, or 95% of his income from 2008 to 2012, on taxes, creditors, attorneys, and accountants. At the moment he filed for bankruptcy, he faced a very clear decision:

A) He might declare bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and discharge all of his debts.


B. He could file for Chapter 11 and repay all of his debts. Michael opted for Chapter 11

Vick selected option B. In other words, he went out of his way to maintain his obligations so that he could pay them off.

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In 2014, court filings indicated that Michael had paid off 87 percent of his debt. He was completely debt-free by the end of 2015. To pay off his debts, he decided to live on $300,000 a year while giving every other penny to his creditors. Once his obligations were paid off, he continued to live on $300,000 and saved any remaining funds. After years of terrible money management, poor investments, and litigation, he had purportedly learned a vital lesson.

Return to the NFL and Contracts

Due to his legal difficulties, Vick’s initial $130 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons was voided.

In 2006, Vick’s yearly pay and endorsement earnings exceeded $25 million, making him one of the highest-paid sportsmen. Michael rejoined the NFL towards the end of 2009. In 2010, he was awarded Comeback Player of the Year. Michael Vick signed a six-year, $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, August 28, 2011.

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This new deal contained a fixed cash payment of $40 million and an annual salary of $16.5 million. Vick was the third player in professional sports history to sign more than one $100 million+ deal, following Derek Jeter and Shaquille O’Neal. He signed a one-year, $5 million contract with the Jets in 2014.


What is Michael Vick’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Michael Vick is $16 Million.

What is Michael Vick’s age?

Michael Vick was born on June 26, 1980, making him 42 years old at present.

What is Michael Vick’s height?

Michael Vick’s height is 1.83 meters, or 6 feet and 0 inches.


The Atlanta Falcons selected Michael Vick first overall in the 2001 NFL Draft. In 2017, Vick became an analyst for the Fox Sports program Fox NFL Kickoff on FS1.

Michael Vick’s net worth is around $16 Million as of September 2022.

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