Anime Story Trello, Intro, Controls, Links, Weapons and Everything About Anime Story Trello


Anime Story Trello, Intro, Controls, Links, Weapons and Everything About Anime Story Trello


Continue reading for Anime Story Trello Wiki and Discord. Learn everything that you must know about Anime Story Trello.

Anime Story Trello Wiki & Discord

Most Roblox games have an official Trello created by the game’s developers to help players grasp the game’s fundamentals and cover every facet of the game better than a Wiki. There is also Anime Story available. However, before you visit the below Anime Story, we strongly suggest redeeming the Anime Story codes and claiming the freebies; these will be of great assistance.

Anime Story Trello Intro

Anime Story provides comprehensive information on the game’s controls, NPCs, missions and powers, game modes, bosses, awakenings, weapons, accessories, events, ores, and other stuff.

Anime Story Trello Links

Below is the link to the official Anime Story Trello Wiki: –

Anime Story Official: Click here

Anime Story Discord: Click here

Anime Story Trello Controls

  • [Q] for Dash
  • W/A/C/D Keys – Navigation
  • [LCTRL] for Sprint
  • [LMB] for Weapon
  • [R] for Charge
  • [F] for Block (Time it to Perfect Block)

Anime Story Trello Stats

Health/Hp – Increases the maximum health of your character.

Energy – Raises energy.

Strength – Increases DMG in melee and scaled strength attacks.

Magic – Increases DMG in scaling magic attacks.

The player’s walking SPD and dash CD are increased.

Anime Story Trello Weapons

  • Yoru
  • Celestial Blade
  • Kiribachi
  • Executioner’s Blade
  • Kunai
  • Chained Fists
  • Cutlass
  • Ki Fist

Anime Story Trello Coins and Gems

The coin is the game’s in-game currency. There are a variety of applications for which coins are necessary. For example, the forging of a sword. Players can acquire coins by completing quests and interacting with NPCs.

The gem is another form of cash required to summon powers in the game. There are numerous ways to acquire jewels;

  • Complete one-off quests.
  • Explore the map, and you will discover jewels throughout
  • You can obtain gems by selling rare, cursed, or blessed Items to “Kintoki” (event).
  • By talking to NPCs like “Brook” “amogus” (one-time use)
  • In addition, by earning awards

Rates of Summoning Circle Drops

  • Common Grade: 50% (Dupe = X2 Fragments)
  • Rares Grade: 20% (Dupe = X4 Fragments)
  • Cursed Grade: 10% (Dupe = X6 Fragments)
  • Blessed Grade: 5% (Dupe = X10 Fragments)


At the shop, players can purchase gems, EXP boosters, and equipment that let them to reroll their attributes, aura, and face.

Allies and Faces

Allies are buddies or friendly units who assist you in completing quests and defeating bosses. Allies cannot damage or disable one another.

  • There are over X140 faces.
  • Each player receives a face at the beginning of the game.
  • Costing 24 Robux to reroll the face.
  • Please visit the Anime Story Trello website for further information, tier lists, updates, and more.

That concludes everything that was covered in this post on the Anime Story Trello Wiki and Discord Link.

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