The Pale Blue Eyes Ending Explained Who Is the Real Killer of This Netflix Series


The Pale Blue Eyes Ending Explained: Who Is the Real Killer of This Netflix Series?


The Pale Blue Eye, a film by Scott Cooper that was adapted from a Louis Bayard novel, explores a little-known aspect of Edgar Allan Poe’s life.

Military leaders at West Point ask Detective Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) to find out who committed the heinous act after a cadet is found dead in 1830 and later has his heart carved out of his chest. Landor enlists the assistance of a young cadet, the poet Edgar Allan Poe, after recognizing the potential in one of the academy’s own (Henry Melling).

The Pale Blue Eye Recap

If you watched The Pale Blue Eye on Netflix and thought “WTF?”, then you’re not alone.

The Gothic thriller, based on Louis Bayard’s book of the same name, follows esteemed detective Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) as he investigates the brutal murder of a cadet at the United States Military Academy with Edgar Allan Poe’s help (Harry Melling). Scott Cooper’s chilling tale appears to end before a shocking twist. We can help if you don’t want a second watch.

The Pale Blue Eyes Ending Explained: Who Is the Real Killer of This Netflix Series?

So let’s discuss The Pale Blue Eye’s shocking ending and why it’s not as shocking as it seems. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read on because there are major spoilers. Cadet Fry appeared to have committed suicide before his heart was removed post-mortem.

However, Landor quickly realizes that Fry was hit in the back of the head, suggesting he was murdered and mutilated by the same person. Landor finds a fragment of Fry’s note. With Poe, they decipher the fragment, which suggests Fry was lured out of the academy and killed.

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Landor suspects Fry’s murder was ritualistic after finding a cow and sheep with their hearts removed. Landor finds wax on the floor and a circle with a triangle inside at the ice house, where he asks Poe to meet him.

It’s likely a “magic circle,” according to Landor’s friend Jean Pepe (Robert Duvall), an “expert in symbols and rituals”. Famous witch hunter Henri Le Clerc left behind a ritual for “securing immortality.”

However, all copies of his book describing it are lost or destroyed. Fry’s mother gives Landor Fry’s diary, but before Landor can use it to figure out who killed Fry, Cadet Ballinger (Fred Hechinger) is killed and mutilated like Fry, with an added castration.

Poe was seen publicly announcing he had killed Ballinger, who had attacked him over his relationship with Lea Marquis (Lucy Boynton), the sister of fellow cadet Artemus Marquis (Harry Lawtey).

Fry and Ballinger were close friends, and Cadet Stoddard (Joey Brooks) has gone missing, but his empty room suggests he ran away.

Landor discovers that the Marquis family, including academy doctor Daniel Marquis (Toby Jones), is involved. Landor finds the officer’s jacket a cadet saw on Fry’s murder night during dinner at their house.

In addition, he sees Henri Le Clerc’s portrait in Dr. Marquis’ study. Dr. Marquis tells Landor that Le Clerc is his great-grandfather, that they have his book, and that he “visited” Lea. She had seizures and was given three months to live, but after using Fry’s heart in a ritual, she was cured.

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That’s bad news for Poe, who will sacrifice himself to save Lea. The whole family participates, including Artemus and Julia (Gillian Anderson). When a ritual candle is knocked over and sets the room on fire, Landor saves Julia and Poe. However, Lea and Artemus are crushed by the collapsing building.

Dr. Marquis resigns from the academy, but Julia avoids punishment because “she’d suffered enough.” Stoppard ran to avoid being killed by Lea and Artemus, who killed Fry and Ballinger for the ritual.

The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained: Who is the Real Killer?

After recovering from the ritual’s blood-letting, Poe visits Landor to tell him about Mattie, Landor’s daughter (Hadley Robinson). She didn’t run away, as the movie claims. Tragic: Two years earlier, three unknown assailants raped Mattie on her way home from the Academy Ball.

Despite Landor’s efforts, she committed suicide after the trauma. Poe found that Fry’s fragment was “virtually identical” to Landor’s note. Landor lured and killed Fry from the academy. Lea and Artemus took Fry’s heart in the mortuary.

The Pale Blue Eyes Ending Explained: Who Is the Real Killer of This Netflix Series?

Landor knew Fry was one of the three who raped his daughter because she stole his dog tag. Landor killed and mutilated the sheep and cow after finding Fry’s heart. Landor learned Ballinger was another assailant from Fry’s diary. “I had to make it look like Satanists,” he said, killing and mutilating him.

Landor didn’t have “the strength or the will” to catch Stoddard, who ran away. Poe, like you, wonders why Landor asked for his help when the note could reveal the truth. Landor always intended that: “You were always my destination.

I knew that when I met you, and here we are.” Poe burns the evidence and says goodbye to Landor. Landor goes to Mattie’s cliff and lets her ribbon go in the movie’s final scene. After this explanation, Landor’s investigation actions may still be unclear.

Landor revealed that Fry didn’t commit suicide and found the note in his hand. Landor’s knowledge that he’s the killer shows that he’s questioning the witness who found Fry’s body early on to determine if the witness saw him.

He probably revealed Fry’s murder to deflect attention from himself. Landor mutilates Ballinger’s body and uses Poe to decipher the note to implicate a woman to avoid being caught.

Given Landor’s efforts to cover up Ballinger’s murder, his confession that he always planned to turn himself into Poe doesn’t make sense. He may have wanted to be free long enough to avenge Mattie’s three rapists, knowing that Poe would figure it out.

Landor abandons hope and may have committed suicide after Stoppard leaves. Landor would have prevented the Marquis family from killing Poe, delaying this.

With Poe safe, Landor would have let Poe expose his crimes, exonerating Lea and Artemus of Ballinger’s murder, even though they are both dead. The Pale Blue Eye leaves plenty to discuss after the credits.

Netflix has The Pale Blue Eye.

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