Is Swarm Based on a True Story? Was Beyoncé Involved in Swarm?


Is Swarm Based on a True Story? Was Beyoncé Involved in Swarm?


The creators of Swarm based their series on an internet rumor about Marissa Jackson, a Beyoncé fan.

Fans are now asking if Swarm is based on a true story and if Beyoncé was involved as the show has officially launched on Prime.

A young woman’s obsession with a pop artist takes a very dark turn in the new psychological thriller series Swarm, which was created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. Dominique Fishback plays Dre, the main character of Swarm.

The imaginary singer Ni’Jah dominates Dre’s life. The new series also features Chlo Bailey, Paris Jackson, and Billie Eilish in various parts.

From the start, it’s clear that Beyoncé was the main source of inspiration for Ni’Jah. But how true is the story? Did anything that happened in Swarm really happen? The show was based on a real-life rumor about Beyoncé and a number of other real-life events.

Is Swarm about Beyoncé? Is it true?

The majority of Swarm is a work of fiction, however, parts are based on actual events. In an interview with Shondaland, Swarm inventor Janine Nabers revealed:

“The pilot episode is based on a true event that existed on the internet. We started the story from there and kind of built off it with real events that happened in America between about 2016 and 2018.”

Explaining the event, Janine said: “In April of 2016, Lemonade was released. On the same night, there was a rumour about a woman named Marissa Jackson who committed suicide after watching this visual album because it basically confirmed that a very powerful man was cheating on one of the most incredibly beautiful and successful pop stars of our time.”

Janine added: “I’m from Houston, Texas, and my very best friend’s last name is Jackson. There was a lot of texting between Houstonians being like, “Yo, who is this Marissa Jackson? Is this a true story?” And that existed on the internet for a while, and people were tweeting really horrible things about this woman who had killed herself and making fun of her.”

Janine ended by saying: “It was a little bit of the catalyst to this show, and that’s when I researched all the crazy stories that we’ve heard online or that have existed in the real world revolving around this particular musician and how could we bring those issues to life and make them our own.”

In other words, Dre is not a real person, but her acts and personality were inspired by true events.

Was Beyoncé Involved in Swarm?

As discussed previously, Swarm is highly influenced by Beyoncé, the BeyHive, and actual occurrences. Any Beyoncé fan would notice that Ni’Jah’s artistry, aesthetics, and performing style throughout the show are remarkably similar to Beyoncé’s. Not to mention, Ni’Jah’s fandom on the show is referred to as the Swarm, a clear homage to Beyoncé’s BeyHive.

Maybe most intriguingly, Chloe Bailey, who is signed to Beyoncé’s label Parkwood, plays Dre’s sister Marissa on the new show. Despite all of the connections to Beyoncé, she had no personal participation with Swarm.

Janine told Shondaland, in regards to how Beyoncé may feel about the show:

“Clearly, Donald and Beyoncé are friends. They’ve worked together, they’re coworkers, and so many individuals in our camp have worked with and know her. Then Amazon is a legitimate business, correct? Thus, we are not going to do anything even remotely impolite.”

When asked in a Variety Q&A if Beyoncé has seen the series, Janine responded, “Of course.” She then stated that she was unable to comment further on the topic.

If Beyoncé ever publicly comments on the series, we will inform you.

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