Ray Donovan Season 8 Happening or Canceled?


Ray Donovan Season 8 Happening or Canceled?


The crime drama is a big part of the entertainment world, and almost everyone likes crime shows because they mix different types of entertainment. Crime dramas are made up of thriller, mystery, adventure, psychological drama, and crime because of this mix.

Ray Donovan is an American crime drama TV show that has a lot of adventure, mystery, and suspense. Ann Biderman came up with the idea for the show, and Bryan Zuriff, Mark Gordon, Ann Biderman, David Hollander, and Lou Fusaro made it happen.

The pilot episode of the show made it the most popular show to start on Showtime, and it broke all the records.

Ray Donovan’s first season began on June 30, 2013, on the well-known CBS Television Network. Ray Donovan season 7, the last and final season, started on November 17, 2019, and ended on January 19, 2020. In 2020, the show was canceled because it wasn’t going to be renewed. But in 2021, the show’s creators announced good news: a full-length movie that will wrap up the story of the show.

Ray Donovan is an interesting crime drama that has gotten a lot of praise from both viewers and critics. The series has a rating of 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb, which is enough to show how many fans it has. After the first episode of Ray Donovan season 7, the show’s creators decided not to make any more seasons. This meant that the show ran for about 8 or 9 years.

Ray Donovan Season 8 Release Date

Recent news reports say that the show’s creators called it “canceled” after Season 7 of Ray Donovan aired. So, there is no news about season 8 of Ray Donovan. If we find out more about the show in the future, we’ll post it as soon as possible.

Ray Donovan Season 8 Cast

Ray Donovan Season 8 Happening or Canceled?

Who plays who in the show Ray Donovan has played their part very well and with a lot of grace. The actors and actresses on the show were praised for their work and loved for the roles they played.

Here is a list of everyone who is likely to be in season 8 of Ray Donovan:

  • Liev Schreiber is Raymond “Ray” Donovan, the main protagonist of the show around whom the complete storyline of the series revolves.
  • Paula Malcomson portrays the character of Abigail Abby Donovan, Donovan’s wife.
  • Eddie Marsan plays the character of Terrence “Terry” Donovan, Donovan’s older brother.
  • Dash Mihok covers the screen as Brendan “Bunchy” Donovan, Donovan’s younger brother.
  • Pooch Hall is Daryll Donovan, Donovan’s younger half-brother.
  • Katherine Moennig as Lena Burnham, Donovan’s investigative assistant
  • Kerris Dorsey is Bridget Donovan, Donovan’s daughter.
  • Jon Voight is Michael “Mickey” Donovan, Donovan’s father.
  • Graham Rogers plays Jacob “Smitty” Smith, Bridget’s husband.
  • Alan Alda is Dr. Arthur Amiot
  • Quincy Tyler Bernstine as Detective Perry
  • Louisa Krause is Liberty Larson
  • Michael Esper plays the character of Adam Rain.
  • Josh Hamilton is Kevin Sullivan
  • Clay Hollander covers the screen as Johnathan Walker Hanson.
  • Keren Dukes is Jasmine
  • Peter Gerety is James Sullivan
  • Kevin Corrigan plays Declan Sullivan.

We can also expect to see some new faces in Ray Donovan‘s 8th season.

Ray Donovan Season 8 Trailer

The Season 8 trailer for the show Ray Donovan hasn’t been shown yet because the show has been canceled. But because the show has so many fans and is so popular, we can hope that the people who make it will change their minds and give it the eighth season.

Ray Donovan Season 8 Storyline

Ray Donovan Season 8 Happening or Canceled?

The TV show Ray Donovan’s plot is based on a crime drama. From season 1 to season 5, the show took place in Los Angeles, California. For seasons 6 and 7, the show moved to New York City.

The main character of the show, Roy Donovan, is a professional fixer who helps rich and famous people with almost all of their problems, like bribes, threats, cleaning up crime scenes, etc. The series is also about Donovan’s life journey and all the exciting things that happen in his everyday life.

Ray Donovan Season 8 Premiere Date

Since the show has been canceled, there is no new information about when Season 8 of Ray Donovan will start.

Ray Donovan Renewal Status

The show’s creators said that Season 7 would be the last one, and they said that the show would end in February 2021. The show’s creators also released a movie on January 14, 2022, to bring the story to a close. But since the show has a lot of fans, we can hope that it will be picked up for a second season.

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