Ms. Marvel Recap: Kamala Meets the Red Dagger; Also, Did We See Bollywood Star Farhan Akhtar?

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In the fourth episode of Ms. Marvel, “Seeing Red,” we don’t learn much more than we did last week. It’s not really out of the ordinary for these MCU Disney+ shows. In their fourth episodes, they usually just spin their narrative wheels in favor of some boring action and character development.

The D.O.D.C. was holding the Clandestine, so in this week’s Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan went to Pakistan at her grandmother’s request to learn more about her special powers.

Nani is a great artist and storyteller, and her drawings, including one of Aisha, are all over her crowded but cozy home. When Kamala shows her the bangle, Nani says in a casual way that she knows the teen superhero is a Djinn because it’s in the family.

She then talks about how she left India during the Partition of India, which happened in 1947 when India, which was ruled by the British, was split into India and Pakistan. But she followed a “trail of stars” and found him on a train, which is the same train that she and Kamala both see in their visions.

In case you were wondering, the inscription on Kamala’s bangle says, “What you seek is seeking you.”

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Ms. Marvel Recap: Kamala Meets the Red Dagger

Kimo, also known as Kareem, attacks Kamala while she is exploring Karachi because he can feel the Noor in her. But when he finds out she is not a Clandestine, he leads her down a secret path to where the Red Dagger is hiding. Here, she meets Waleed, who is played by Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar. He tells her that the Djinn, including Aisha, are from another realm that is connected to Earth-616 but hidden by the Noor, which separates the two realms. If the Clandestine finish their mission to tear down that veil, they’ll release that realm powered by Noor onto Earth-616, which doesn’t sound like a good thing.

At the same time, Najma and the rest of the Clandestine plan their escape from the D.O.D.C. supermax prison, but they leave Kamran behind because he helped Kamala.

One of the most touching parts of the episode is when Nani tells Kamala that she doesn’t know everything. She tells her granddaughter, “Even though I’m old, I’m still trying to figure out who I am.” “My passport says I’m Pakistani, but my family is from India. And all of this is separated by a border.

There is a line where pain and blood meet. People are claiming their identity based on an idea that some old Englishmen had when they were leaving the country. How should one handle that?”

In another scene, Muneeba talks to her mother honestly about why she moved to America instead of staying in Pakistan. She said she needed a change because her neighbors avoided her because of her “crazy mother and her crazy ideas.” Now we have a better idea of why Muneeba wants Kamala to stop living in her “fantasy world” and pay more attention to what she sees as real.

Ms. Marvel Recap: Kamala Meets the Red Dagger

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After spending time with Kareem and his friends around a campfire, did sparks fly between them? The next day, Kamala spends it at the Red Dagger hideout practicing her magic.

Waleed thinks that the teen’s genes may explain why she can shape the Noor on Earth-616. He thinks that her humanity connects her to the matter of this world, which is what makes her abilities so special. But before he can say anything else, the Clandestine walks in on them and starts chasing them. At one point, Waleed distracts the warriors so that Kareem and Kamala can get away. Najma then stabs Waleed. Is he really dead, though? That’s still up in the air.

Then, Kareem and Kamala are trapped in an alley and decide to fight the Clandestines as a team. During all the chaos, Adaam is killed, and Najma stabs Kamala’s bracelet. The young hero is sent 75 years back in time and ends up at that Karachi train station, right in the middle of the chaos of the Partition.

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Ms. Marvel is the name of a group of fictional superheroines who appear in Marvel Comics books. At first, the character was meant to be a female version of Captain Marvel. Most people with the Ms. Marvel title get their powers from Kree technology or their genes, just like Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel is very powerful, and she is without a doubt the strongest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even the people who run Marvel Studios have said she is the strongest Avenger.
“, she says. ‘ That’s what we want to say, at least. We’re telling a certain kind of story, and the main character is a South Asian Muslim from Jersey who doesn’t wear a hijab but does go to the mosque and pray. So I think it’s a different way for her to show who she is in terms of her culture and religion.

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