Better Than Us Season 2: Release Date, is It Renewed or Canceled?


Better Than Us Season 2: Release Date, is It Renewed or Canceled?

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If you like sci-fi shows with a twist, you should check out Better Than Us. Before you know it, you’ll be bingeing on this show.

Better Than Us is a Netflix Russian sci-fi TV show created by Andrey Junkivsky and produced by Yellow, Black & White for the Russian platform C1R. For a global audience, the series is available in a variety of dubs.

After such an incredible first season, fans are left wondering if the series will return for a second season. Without further ado, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming season.

When Will Better Than Us Season 2 Be Released?

The second installment of Better Than Us has been officially renewed and will be released soon. According to some news outlets, season 2 will move from Russia to China and will return with a total of ten episodes, which were originally scheduled to begin filming in Moscow and Beijing, respectively.

The series appears to be in its third season, but according to the giant streamer, it is still in its second season. In terms of Netflix’s involvement in the second season, the streaming service will have no authority.

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However, no release date has been announced, and no official update or information on when the second season of Better Than Us will air has been provided.

Better than Us Season 2 Cast

The main cast, including Paulina Andreeva (as Arisa), Kirill Karo (as Georgy Safronov), Aleksandr Ustyugov (as Viktor Toropov), and Olga Lomonosova, is expected to return in the upcoming season (as Alla Safronova).

  • Arisa is played by Paulina Andreeva, and Georgy Nikolaevich Safronov is played by Kirill Käro.
  • Victor Pavlovich Toropov is played by Aleksandr Ustyugov.
  • Alla Safronova is played by Olga Lomonosova.
  • Egor Georgievich Safronov is played by Eldar Kalimulin.
  • Sonya Safronova is played by Vitaliya Kornienko.
  • Jeanne Barseneva is played by Vera Panfilova.
  • Gleb is played by Fyodor Lavrov.
  • Alexei Stepanovich is played by Sergey Sosnovskiy. Losev
  • Pavel Borishovich Varlamov is played by Kirill Polukhin.
  • Igor Mikhailovich Maslovsky is played by Pavel Vorozhtsov.
  • Nikolai Sergeevich Safronov is played by Victor Solovyev.
  • Svetlana Alexeyevna Toropova is played by Irina Tarannik.
  • Maxim is played by Maksim Derichev.
  • Aleksandr Patsevich in the role of Bot Recycler
  • Irina Plescheeva is played by Viktoriya Korlyakova.
  • Zahar is played by Vladimir Lukyanchikov.
  • Vladimir Petrenko is played by Ivan Kosichkin.
  • Dim is played by Vasiliy Butkevich.
  • Sergey Kolesnikov as Anatoly Vladimirovich Svetov Ramaz Chiaureli as Asylum Doctor
  • Maria Yavorskaya in the role of Social Service Bot
  • Suponev is played by Aleksandr Golubkov.
  • Vadim is played by Dmitriy Kulichkov.
  • Marina is played by Aleksandra Ursulyak, and Elena is played by Margarita Shilova.
  • Maxim Kuskov is played by Sergey Tyessler.
  • Roman Olegovich is played by Andrey Kharybin.
  • Denis Burgazliev in the role of Lev Borisovich
  • Leonid is played by Alexei Zakharov.
  • Judge Irina Byakova
  • Nina Guseva plays Galina, and Andrey Kryzhniy plays Kolyan.

What Will the Plot of Better Than Us Season 2 Be About?

The plot details for the upcoming season have not yet been released because there are many secrets. ‘Better Than Us’ is established in 2029, and humans have begun to use robots to do a large amount of work at some point.

The story of Better Than Us’ first season revolves around an advanced robot named Arisa, which is built by an engineer after recognizing the significant scarcity of women who are unable to marry due to China’s one-child policy.

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They are significantly more dangerous because they are equipped to slaughter any humans who attempt to harm them. What the humans fail to realize is that by attacking the robots, they are merely starting a war. It is impossible to massacre robots, but it is not difficult for robots to massacre humans.

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So, what happens when robots decide to wage war on humans? Time will only tell. If there is a season 2, the story will continue with the conflicts between humans and robots.

Better Than Us Season 1 Recap

This story is about a futuristic robot. The story takes place in the year 2029 when many menial jobs have been replaced and administered by androids. This show has an original concept that we could not have imagined.

However, the show has demonstrated this. As we all know, China implemented a one-child policy in order to control population growth. As a result, the series has raised the issue of the country’s scarcity of marriageable women.

To address this issue, an Engineer named Arisa created an intelligent robot. He programmed the robot in such a way that she can be both a man’s wife and the mother of a child, but the child must be adopted.

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She has the ability to save or protect her family, including herself, and she purposefully designed it in this manner. We will be able to see the robot’s struggle as the series progresses. Yes, even the robot was having difficulty in the show.

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Arisa was sold to the robotics company CRONOS after her developer engineer died. However, in the company, a man attempted to have sex with her, using her as a sex robot, and Arisa accidentally killed him before disappearing. Arisa became attached to a little girl named Sonya after meeting her one day. She was the child’s sole guardian at the time.

Better than Us Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Season 2 of Better Than Us because Netflix has not officially released it. Furthermore, we’ll keep you updated if anything comes out of Netflix’s end. Keep an eye out!

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