American Gigolo release date


American Gigolo Release Date: Who Will Be the Leading Cast?

Jeremy Caroll

Over the past two years, the “Punisher” actor has seen significant career growth, acting in high-profile films like “King Richard” and “Ford v Ferrari” as well as television shows like “We Own This City.” He will soon step into Richard Gere’s shoes in the television adaptation of the 1980 movie “American Gigolo” by Paul Schrader.

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Since it was first announced, the series has experienced a fair amount of production issues, but the recently released teaser has us excited for the protracted project. Seriously, the movie’s theme song, “Call Me” by Blondie, is remixed and used in the trailer. All I needed to hear was that, and I’m sold. Don’t trust us? Check it out here, and before the series begins, read up on all you need to know about it.

Release Date of American Gigolo

You won’t have to wait much longer if you’re eager to see Bernthal in a way that you haven’t before. On September 9, 2022, “American Gigolo” will debut its first episode on Showtime’s streaming service. The finale will probably air at the end of October because the show is anticipated to have eight episodes.

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The only thing that isn’t entirely known is if the program will also air on the original Showtime channel. It might air that Friday, although it doesn’t seem plausible given that the primetime hour on that day is often regarded as a death spot. Showtime had previously released upcoming episodes on its streaming service a few days before they were broadcast on television for programs like “Yellowjackets.”

American Gigolo release date

A similar release strategy for “American Gigolo” has not yet been determined. The show might debut on the streamer on Fridays and air the following Sunday or Monday if they stick to the “Yellowjackets” release schedule. But at the moment, this is just conjecture.

Who Will Be the Leading Cast

While Bernthal and his abs are undoubtedly the focus of the narrative, Mol and other characters will also certainly appear. Rosie O’Donnell, Leland Orser, Wayne Brady, Lizzie Brocheré, and Laura Liguori will also be present.

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Some of these performers will portray characters from the original movie; for instance, O’Donnell will replace Hector Elizondo in the gender-flipped part of Detective Sunday, while Orser will show Michelle’s husband, Richard, in a manner reminiscent of Brian Davies’ portrayal of Senator Charles Stratton.

American Gigolo release date

Much more challenging to name is the cast of the series. Although the film’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, is also adapting, Schrader is not engaged in the project and has publicly criticized it. Producer David Hollander of “Ray Donovan” created it, but after receiving claims of misbehavior, he was fired from his position as showrunner in April 2022.

The following month, his successor, David Bar Katz, left the project allegedly due to inexperience and artistic disputes. The “The Offer” showrunner Nikki Toscano has taken over for both men. That may sound not very comforting, but perhaps this rotating door was for the best.

Plotline of American Gigolo

Although the film and the television show are centered on the same main character and share the same name, their stories are very different. In both versions, there is a murder and a scheme to frame someone for a crime they didn’t commit. Julian is set up to be blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. On the other hand, it sounds as though the show will approach these occurrences somewhat differently from Schrader’s movie.

In the series, Julian will be depicted as recently being released from jail after serving a sentence of 15 years for the murder of another person. As anticipated, it turned out that the police had the incorrect person. Given the apparent mistrust that had been generated, Julian found himself on the hunt for the actual perpetrator.

American Gigolo release date

When he is not engaged in such activity, he is trying to reacquaint himself with the ever-changing work even though he is not well-prepared to do so. The character of Michelle Stratton originated and played by Lauren Hutton in the pilot, will continue to play a significant part in the series.

In the same way that she provided the authorities with his alibi before his trial in the movie, Gretchen Mol, who now plays the role, has not revealed whether or if she assisted Julian in being released after all these years. On the other hand, we know that the dynamic between her and Julian will play a significant role in the series.

Trailer: American Gigolo

The official trailer for the American Gigolo series features Jon Bernthal, who appears to be in good shape. The preview offers a glimpse at how the original tale from the movie from the 1980s has been updated and reimagined for the present audience. The mood of the trailer is established by the song “Call Me” by Blondie, which plays as several essential characters in the tale are shown.

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