Who is Janis Joplin? What Caused Janis Joplin's Death?

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Who is Janis Joplin? What Caused Janis Joplin’s Death?


In this post, we will discuss “who was Janis Joplin? what was the cause of her death?”

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Who is Janis Joplin?

Name  Janis Lyn Joplin
Full Name  Janis Lyn Joplin
Birth of Year  1943
Birth date  Jan 19
Birth Place
 Port Arthur, Texas, U.S.
Profession  Singer and musician
Net Worth  No Information
Cause of death  Heroin overdose
Date of Death
 October 4, 1970 (aged 27)

Janis Joplin was born on January 19, 1943, in Port Arthur, Texas, to Dorothy Bonita East (1913–1998), a college registrar, and Seth Ward Joplin (1910–1987), an engineer at Texaco.

Laura and Michael, her younger siblings, were her younger relatives. Family members attended First Christian Church of Port Arthur, a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation.

Her parents believed Janis required more care than their other children. As a kid, Joplin encountered a group of misfits, one of whom had blues CDs by Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Lead Belly, which Joplin subsequently attributed to inspiring her desire to become a singer.

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At Thomas Jefferson High School, she began performing blues and folk music with her peers. She was a classmate of Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson in high school.

She was ridiculed and harassed in high school, according to Joplin. She gained weight and suffered from acne as a teenager, leaving her with extensive scars that required dermabrasion.

Who is Janis Joplin? What Caused Janis Joplin's Death?

She was constantly taunted and called names such as “pig,” “weird,” “nigger lover,” and “creep” by her peers in high school. She declared, “I was an outcast. I read, painted, and contemplated. I didn’t detest niggers.”

Joplin received her high school diploma in 1960 and attended Lamar State College of Technology in Beaumont, Texas, over the summer, as well as the University of Texas at Austin (UT), but she did not complete her studies.

The Daily Texan published a feature on her in its issue of July 27, 1962, under the heading “She Dares to Be Different.” The story started “She walks barefoot when she desires, wears Levi’s to class because they are more comfortable, and takes her autoharp everywhere she goes in case she feels the need to break out in song.

She is known as Janis Joplin.” During her time at UT, she performed with the Waller Creek Boys, a folk duo, and interacted often with the staff of the campus humor magazine The Texas Ranger.

According to Freak Brothers cartoonist Gilbert Shelton, who met her, she used to sell The Texas Ranger on campus, which included some of Shelton’s early comic books.

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What Caused Janis Joplin’s Death?

In the evening of Sunday, October 4, 1970, her road manager and close friend, John Byrne Cooke, discovered Joplin’s body on the floor of her room at the Landmark Motor Hotel.

Who is Janis Joplin? What Caused Janis Joplin's Death?

The room included alcohol. Newspapers stated that there were no further drugs or paraphernalia present.

According to a 1983 book written by Joseph DiMona and the coroner of Los Angeles County, Thomas Noguchi, a friend of Janis Joplin removed evidence of narcotics from the scene and later replaced it after realizing that an autopsy would found that narcotics were in her system.

Prior to Joplin’s death, Noguchi had examined previous fatal drug overdoses in Los Angeles when friends assumed they were performing favors by removing the evidence of drugs, then “thought things over” and returned to replace the evidence.

Noguchi performed an autopsy on Joplin and decided that the cause of death was a heroin overdose, perhaps exacerbated by alcohol.

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John Byrne Cooke thought that Joplin was given heroin that was far more strong than what she and other L.A. heroin users had previously gotten, as evidenced by the overdoses of several of her dealer’s other clients the same weekend. Her passing was declared an accident.

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