Underrated K-Dramas You Might Be Missing Out

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Underrated K-Dramas You Might Be Missing Out


Do you call yourself a K-drama fan if you haven’t watched some of the best, yet underrated K-dramas?

Sure, you would all be fans of Squid Games, and All of Us are Dead, but they are the basic ones, to say the least. To become a true fan of K-drama, you need to watch the series we will be telling you about. You have our word, you are about to uncover a whole new world in the K-drama realm.

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Here are the most underrated K-drama we have unearthed for you!

1.   When My Love Blooms (2020)

When My Love Blooms is a bittersweet love story told in two timelines. A passionate youth ignited by social activism in the 80s, and a reunion 26 years later as life has taken them to different paths.

The show has you invested emotionally, filled with the shines of nostalgic charm, and highlights the enduring power of the first love – the drama explores all the choices that one makes along life’s journey.

If you liked Something in the Rain, or Goblin then this is the perfect watch for you!

2.   Hot Stove League (2019)

This underdog sports drama throws a curveball into the K-drama scene. Forget the flashy idol romances and high-stakes feuds. Hot Stove League is different than the rest.

The show goes deep into the gritty world of Korean baseball, especially of a struggling team called the Dreams.

When an unorthodox general manager takes charge, his burning desire to turn the team around makes him resort to some unconventional methods that will drive them to the win.

Hot Stove League will be your break from the typical K-drama tropes of business, doctors, and whatnot.

3.   My Mister (2018)

Yet another break from the fluffy rom-coms that K-dramas are. My Mister goes into the raw depths of human connection all while imploring the themes of despair, and poverty. Most importantly, it is about finding solace in unexpected places.

Sometimes love is not all about grand gestures. Instead, it can be about profound empathy forged in shared hardship.

The drama unfolds slowly, with excellent dialogues and performances, you need to watch this at your earliest!

4.   My Liberation Notes (2022)

My Liberations Notes is a slice-of-life drama that will resonate with anyone yearning for meaning and connection in the mundane.

The show simmers with raw authenticity as it follows the life of three siblings trapped in the drudgery of daily life as they search for liberation in their Korean town.

There are no glossy filters and it beautifully captures the quiet desperation of feeling stuck under the weight of responsibilities. With lyrical visuals, a haunting soundtrack, but poignant dialogues, prepare to be swept away.

5.   Welcome to Waikiki (2018)

Get a glimpse into the lives of three aspiring filmmakers as they run a ramshackle guesthouse. The show is quirky, and heartwarming and has you laughing in fits as well.

You get it all. From slapstick mishaps to some cringe-worthy romantic entanglements. Nevertheless, you also get to witness some genuine moments of friendship, love, and family.

6.   We Are Peaceful Brothers (2017)

This web drama is just waiting to be rediscovered. What a gem, yet underrated. We Are Peaceful Brothers is based on a popular webtoon and it unravels the heartwarming, and hilarious bond between two brothers who are navigating life and love.

The two opposite brothers sway you away in their style. One, a practical and responsible older brother. The other is a free-spirited artist who just cannot keep a job. Their unbreakable bond is something you’d fall in love with.

7.   The Light In Your Eyes (2019)

The Light in Your Eyes is a masterful blend of romance, fantasy, and family drama. The drama also peeps into the complex themes of sacrifice, destiny, and the consequences of tampering with time.

This series will stay with you long after the credits roll for the last episode. It will leave you pondering over the complexities of life, loss, and the preciousness of time that we often don’t value as much.

Wrapping Up

So, master the K-Drama world by watching these best, yet underrated gems that you might be skipping unintentionally. Don’t sleep on some excellent content just because it didn’t meet the commercial needs.

Do let us know about your thoughts on these shows, and don’t shy away from some more titles you think are a must-watch in the comments below!

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