Kurt Angle on what Gable Steveson will need to win in WWE

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During a Q&A episode of The Kurt Angle Podcast, he spoke about Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson and his potential with the company. Steveson was also in attendance for this past weekend’s WWE Day One pay per view with his brother Damon Kemp.

Kurt Angle talked about the pressure Steveson will have once he starts his career. He also mentioned that he sees Gable having loads of success with the company given he’s able to figure out the character side of things.

“Gable Steveson is a phenomenal athlete, especially for his size. The kid is a super athlete, I think he’s going to adapt well to pro wrestling. The only issue is I don’t know his personality. I don’t know how open he is, if he’s able to come up with a great character that people will relate to or that people will absolutely hate.” said Angle.

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