Frontier Airlines Seating Upgrades Stretch Seats, Booking Options, and Elite Benefits


Frontier Airlines Seating Upgrades: Stretch Seats, Booking Options, and Elite Benefits


Frontier Airlines does not have traditional business- or first-class seats, and they do not have an upgrade list. However, they do have upgraded seating options available for passengers who want slightly larger seats.

This budget airline will charge you extra for everything, and we really mean everything. However, by paying a little more, you can choose an upgraded Stretch seat without spending too much extra money. Stretch seats are located in the first three to four rows of the aircraft, as well as in the exit rows. These seats offer an additional five to seven inches of space for your comfort.

If you want more legroom and to be closer to the front of the plane, Stretch seats are a good upgrade choice when flying with Frontier Airlines. Here is some important information to help you purchase a Frontier upgrade on this airline that primarily offers economy seating.

Buy Seat With Frontier

When you book a flight with Frontier, you have the option to choose your seat ahead of time. However, you will be required to pay a fee in order to proceed. The cost of the fee changes for each flight. Usually, the cheapest price you will find is when you first book the flight.

When you book your flight, the aircraft map will show you the price of each seat, including regular seats and Stretch seats. You might notice that the price for a Stretch seat on the same flight can vary by only a few dollars.

You don’t have to pay in advance for a seat on a Frontier flight. Paying for a seat means you can choose a specific seat and make sure you sit together with your group. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you might consider getting Stretch seats. They don’t cost much more than regular seats, so it could be a worthwhile indulgence.

Buy Works Bundle and Select an Upgraded Seat

When you book a flight with Frontier Airlines, you can choose between two bundle options: The Perks Bundle and The Works Bundle. They provide additional options for your flight, like adding carry-on baggage, checked baggage, priority boarding, and seat selection. Frontier operates on a model where you can choose individual options. These bundled options give you a small discount instead of paying for each option separately.

If you buy The Works Bundle, you can choose any seat on the plane without paying extra, even a Stretch seat. You can only buy this bundle when you first book your flight.

Frontier Airlines Seating Upgrades Stretch Seats, Booking Options, and Elite Benefits

However, with the Perks Bundle, you can only choose a regular seat and not a Stretch seat. Actually, we discovered that buying a Stretch seat as part of this bundle costs more than buying each item separately. If you’re looking for a package deal and really want a better seat, then the more expensive option called The Works Bundle is usually the best one for you.

Certainly, it is important to compare the cost of the additional bundle fee with the cost of purchasing your desired add-on options separately.

Frontier Free Seat Upgrade

Frontier Airlines has three levels of elite status: Elite 20K, Elite 50K, and Elite 100K. When you reach any of these status levels, you get different benefits, one of which is access to Stretch seats. If you have Frontier status, you can get a free upgrade to a bigger and more comfortable seat without paying extra.

If you have Elite 20K status, you won’t be able to reserve a Stretch seat in advance unless you pay for it. Although there isn’t a Frontier upgrade list that guarantees you’ll be moved to the front of the line, you have the chance to choose a Stretch Seat for free during check-in if one is available. I’m sorry, but this benefit is only for members with status and does not apply to people traveling with them.

If you have Elite 50K or 100K status, you can choose a Stretch seat without paying any extra fees when you book your flight. You don’t have to wait until check-in or figure out how to get on a Frontier upgrade list. All passengers with the top two status levels can get a free Frontier upgrade. They can also bring up to eight companions on their reservation who can also get the upgrade.


In summary, Frontier Airlines offers upgraded Stretch seats for passengers seeking more space and comfort. These can be purchased when booking or through bundle options. Elite status members (20K, 50K, and 100K) can enjoy free Stretch seat upgrades, with the highest status levels extending this benefit to companions. Frontier provides options for all travelers to enhance their seating experience.

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