Ultra Mobile Review


Ultra Mobile Review 2023: Should You Buy It?

Jeremy Caroll

Ultra Mobile uses T-powerful Mobile’s network to provide great coverage and faster speeds. Ultra’s unlimited plan gives even the most heavy users a lot of data, and those who can plan ahead can save money by renewing for more than one month at a time.

Ultra Mobile is a prepaid carrier on the T-Mobile network that tries to give customers what they want most from a phone plan: a lot of data. Ultra Mobile also caters to customers who need to call people in other countries. Calls to over 80 countries are free. If you’re staying in your area, you can choose the right amount of data for you, including up to 60GB of high-speed data with the largest unlimited plan.

T-Mobile started the process of buying both Ultra Mobile and its subsidiary Mint Mobile in March 2023, but the two prepaid carriers have been using the T-Mobile network for years. This means that coverage should be good for most people, and most Android phones should work fine on this network. 5G is also fully supported by Ultra Mobile for free if you have a phone that can handle it. Ultra Mobile is a great prepaid option if you want great data coverage and a plan that lets you make the most of it.

Pros Cons
●      T-Mobile network with 5G support

●      Great international features included every month

●      Save when you pay for multiple months

●      Great phone support

●      Pricing can be confusing

●      Video streaming quality is low

●      Only select plans are available online


Ultra Mobile Review: Price and Availability

Ultra Mobile is available online and in stores across the country. When you shop online, you can choose from six data plans, starting at just 250MB and going all the way up to the 60GB Unlimited Plus plan. Plan changes can be made later in the account management section if you want to switch to a different plan or sign up for multi-month savings.

Ultra Mobile Review

All plans from Ultra Mobile include unlimited calling to more than 80 countries. You can add money to any plan to call, text, or roam internationally, and some money is already included in the large plans. For example, the unlimited plan gives you a $5 international credit every month. This goes up to $10 with Unlimited Plus.

Ultra Mobile Plans

1 Month 3 month 6 months 12 months
250MB $15 $13 $11 $10
2GB $19 $16 $15 $14
3GB $24 $22 $21 $20
6GB $29 $28 $27 $25
15GB $39 $36 $35 $30
Unlimited (40GB) $49 $46 $45 $40
Unlimited+ (60GB) $59 $56 $55 $50

Ultra Mobile- Pros and Cons



Plans from Ultra Mobile have prices that are competitive, and you can find a plan that fits your budget. They have different plans with different features, so you can pick the one that works best for you.


Ultra Mobile has different plans to meet the needs of different users. You can choose from plans that let you talk and text, use data, and call other countries as much as you want. They also have plans with different amounts of data, so you can choose one that fits your needs.

International Features

Ultra Mobile specialises in international calls, and their plans include international features like unlimited calling to certain countries, free international roaming, and lower rates for calls to other countries.

No contracts:

All of Ultra Mobile’s plans are prepaid, which means you don’t have to sign a contract or commit to a long-term service. This gives you the freedom to switch to a different plan or carrier if you don’t like the service you’re getting.


Coverage is limited:

Ultra Mobile uses T-network, Mobile’s so their service is only available where T-Mobile is available. Ultra Mobile might not be the best choice for you if you live in an area where T-network Mobile’s is weak or doesn’t exist at all.

Data speed:

Ultra Mobile plans may offer unlimited data, but their data speeds can be slower than those of other carriers. Because they use T-network, Mobile’s which in some places can be slower than other networks.

Costs of making international calls:

Even though Ultra Mobile plans include the ability to call other countries, there may be extra fees for some countries. Before you sign up for an Ultra Mobile plan, make sure to check the rates for the country you want to call.

Ultra Mobile Review: Should You Buy It?

Ultra Mobile Review

You should buy this if you…

  • You have great coverage from T-Mobile.
  • You call people in other countries.
  • You need hotspot data
  • You’re willing to pay for up to a year of service all at once.

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • Your T-Mobile service isn’t always good.
  • You want HD video streams that look good.
  • You want more than one month but can only afford to pay for one at a time.

Ultra Mobile is a cheap way to use the full T-Mobile network if you have good coverage and a phone that works with it (Check out Ultra Mobile Coverage). You can also call other countries and save money if you buy up to a year in advance. Still, T-Mobile coverage isn’t the best everywhere, and if coverage isn’t great, you may find that even 5G isn’t all that great. If you don’t sign up for Ultra Mobile for the whole year, it can also be more expensive than some other plans.

Ultra isn’t perfect and isn’t even close to being the cheapest carrier. Still, it’s a great choice if you need international features because you get 40GB of data and 10GB of hotspot data. 5G connectivity is still a little spotty, but it shows how good it can be when it works right in a few years. It would also be nice if people with big phones could stream videos without limits or choose to do so.

Overall, Ultra Mobile Service is a great choice if you need to call or travel abroad and want plenty of data and coverage at home. You can save a little money by switching to a different carrier with the same coverage and amount of data, but with most of them, you’ll lose all international features. Ultra Mobile is a great way for a lot of people to stay in touch, even when they are living thousands of miles away from where they were born.

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