New Update in Motorola Phones is Game Changing!!


Motohub by Swish is the ultimate Boon for Android Users!

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Digital Wand has been exclusively acing its way in the current scenario. Many detailed features and convenient approaches have made our day-to-day life easier and more fetching. So, have you ever thought of receiving news updates, discount deals, playing your favorite games, or acquiring content as per your interests without installing any application on your mobile phone? Sounds unbelievable! But this is possible with “Motohub by Swish”, the trendiest feature initiated in Motorola mobiles. It is highly capable of delivering interactive content per the users’ interests. You can also consume the latest versions of shopping deals and get live weather forecasts and current affairs from around the globe in one go.

Motohub has been initiated as a pre-installed feature in Motorola mobiles, which promises to elevate your smartphone’s productivity. Along with this, the optimization quality of the smartphone will be increased as quick content pops over the users’ home screen as per their interests. This application is exclusively efficient in time preserving, as the users don’t need to unnecessarily surf the internet. The suggested entertaining content, news, games etc. will be floating over the screen per their convenient interests. To seek the best entertainment content or news platforms, the user doesn’t need to go through several browsers, as this one application is here to grasp the trends for you.

Motohub has been launched with three major features: an entertainment folder, a shopping folder and a game folder. The user needs to enable “Discover Entertainment” when accessing the entertainment folder. Frequently the app will start suggesting various entertaining content as per their interests.

Secondly, when following up with the shopping folder, the user will get many trendy shopping deals without any effort.

Following the game folder, a wide array of games is available in the application, and the audience can play without installing them.

Additionally, Motorola Folders App precisely sort and organize the applications to increase the efficiency in user experience.

Moreover, Motohub by Swish can be the reviving standard for Motorola mobiles as it can give you diversifying functionalities in one click.


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