All about TikTok's cold girl makeup trend: Why the makeup trend is so fascinating


All about TikTok’s cold girl makeup trend: Why the makeup trend is so fascinating


Every day, the beauty industry develops innovative and intriguing hacks and skin care techniques. In addition to becoming popular on social media, they are also attracting the interest of cosmetics lovers.

The chilly girl cosmetics trend from TikTok, which gives you a rosy, winter-day flushed appearance, has recently piqued our interest. Makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenaaly established it.

About TikTok’s cold girl makeup trend

The easy makeup look tries to provide a natural blush with a touch of shimmer.

This style, recently seen on the American model Hailey Bieber, involves keeping your foundation matte and adding a liberal quantity of blush to your nose and cheeks.

The look is completed with glitter at the inner eye corners and a glossy lip.

How to create the makeup look for a chilly girl

All about TikTok's cold girl makeup trend: Why the makeup trend is so fascinating

First, use cc cream and concealer to mask any flaws.

Set your foundation using a translucent powder. Apply a large quantity of pink blush with a cold undertone on your cheeks, nose, and chin.

Apply a silvery highlighter to your inner eye corners, lashline, cheekbones, and brow bones. Use mascara on your eyelashes.

Complete the look with a crimson or berry-colored lip tint or gloss.

Why the makeup trend is so fascinating

Clean, dewy, and luminous makeup has dominated the beauty business for some time, and the cold girl makeup trend is consistent with the present fashion.

Winter-appropriate and compatible with nearly any ensemble, including coats, jackets, sweater dresses, etc., this color scheme is all about frosted sheen and pink.

It is simple to accomplish and produces a natural appearance.

How can girls with brown or black skin achieve this look?

If you believe that the cosmetics trend is exclusive to females with fair complexion, you are mistaken. Using a variety of hues, darker-skinned ladies may easily get the appearance.

Choose bright pink or berry tones for blush and neutral eyeshadow if you have a dark complexion.

Choose a highlighter in gold or champagne and a neutral rouge or gloss for your lips.

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