Kaleb Boateng Died

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What Was the Cause of Kaleb Boateng’s Death?


Former Florida Gators football player Kaleb Boateng died unexpectedly on February 9, 2023. Through social media memorials made by friends and relatives, we learned of the passing. Let’s check How did Kaleb Boateng die and Kaleb Boateng’s Cause of death in detail.

Kaleb Boateng Died

Former Florida Gators football player Kaleb Boateng passed away on February 9. His family has stated that funeral services for the devastating loss will be performed later this week.

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Following rumors of the passing of Kaleb Boateng, a former Clemson offensive lineman from 2019-2020 who completed his collegiate career at the University of Florida, head coach Dabo Swinney released the following statement.

“We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Kaleb’s passing. This is a very tragic and sad situation. Our prayers are with his family. While he was only here a couple of years before moving on, we remember Kaleb as being a good teammate and always having a good spirit to him. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and all of those who were blessed to know him.”

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Kaleb Boateng’s Cause of Death

Former Florida lineman Kaleb Boateng passes away

We regret that we must notify you that Kaleb Boateng has died. Kaleb Boateng was said to have a warm demeanor. A number of individuals must be inquisitive about the cause of death of Kaleb Boateng in light of recent events.

According to an earlier tweet, the Florida Recruiting Twitter page said that walk-on player Kaleb Boateng, unfortunately, passed away from what is thought to be suicide.

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The actual cause of the death of Kaleb Boateng has not yet been disclosed. As soon as we acquire further information, we will update this report.

Who was Kaleb Boateng?

The offensive lineman (OL) Kaleb Boateng plays aggressively and has good arm length. Additionally, he is proficient with firearms and physically fit. The initial blow delivers surprises and tires out the defenders. Its lower body is quite robust.


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In the 2018 recruiting class, he represented Fort Lauderdale High School as a three-star overall prospect. The 6-foot-4, 293-pound Boateng did not play as much as he might have at Clemson.

However, he signed with Arizona, Maryland, or Atlantic Florida, which are all in the top three in their respective states. The Florida native opted to complete his last two years of college with the Orange and Blue.

Now that Dabo Swinney and the Tigers are behind him, Boateng will be able to utilize his talents in a more suitable setting.

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Although it is doubtful that Boateng will play for the Gators in 2021, the more bodies at the position and the minimal experience he earned at Clemson will be beneficial to the Gators. A safety net to prevent injury to the tackle site.

Tributes to Legend

Numerous individuals conveyed their deepest condolences to his family and how much they adored him:

Clemenson Football wrote,

“Our hearts are heavy upon receiving reports of the passing of former Clemson offensive lineman Kaleb Boateng. “We remember Kaleb as being a good teammate and always having a good spirit to him.” – Dabo Swinney”

CFB Kings wrote,

“Florida offensive tackle Kaleb Boateng has tragically passed away. He also played for Clemson in 2019 and 2020 before transferring to UF in 2021. Praying for the Boateng family and the Florida and Clemson communities.”

We send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, including his family and friends. May he rest peacefully. Please use the comment box below to leave a tribute in memory of Kaleb Boateng.

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