What Caused WWE Superstar Chris Benoit's Death

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What Caused WWE Superstar Chris Benoit’s Death? 


Chris Benoit, one of the most renowned WWE wrestlers of the early 2000s, committed suicide in 2007 after killing his wife and young kid at his house.

Before his death, Chris Benoit appeared to have had everything. The professional wrestler known as the “Canadian Crippler” was renowned internationally and adored by his followers.

Then on June 24, 2007, the wrestler murdered his family before committing suicide. Pro-wrestling was stunned by Chris Benoit’s murder of his wife and little kid, followed by his suicide.

Benoit’s death marked the end of an otherwise exceptional life. Over the course of 22 years, the Quebec-born wrestler has progressively climbed the professional wrestling ranks.

In 2000, he joined Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after beginning his career in Canada.

What Caused WWE Superstar Chris Benoit's Death? 

Benoit was a WWE superstar with 22 titles and a legion of devoted followers. In June 2007, however, everything changed when, unbeknownst to the public, Benoit murdered his wife Nancy and then his seven-year-old son Daniel before committing suicide.

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The murder-suicide stunned the whole wrestling community. That generated inquiries regarding WWE’s drug testing policies, Benoit’s steroid use, and the potential consequences of his lengthy wrestling career on his brain.

Even if some answers came following Chris Benoit’s death, the world will never know what prompted the wrestler to murder his family and then himself.

Chris Benoit’s Early Life and Career

Christopher Michael Benoit, born on May 21, 1967, in Quebec, Canada, was fascinated with wrestling at a young age. As his father subsequently told ABC News, Benoit’s desire to wrestle dates back to his youth.

His father, Mike Benoit, claimed that his son had a strong desire to enter the wrestling profession as early as 12 or 13. “Daily, Chris lifted weights. He was 13 years old and shattering high school records in our basement.”

Chris Benoit’s Early Life and Career

Benoit began his wrestling career in earnest at age 18. He rose quickly from the Stampede Wrestling circuit to the New Japan World Wrestling circuit to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)/World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) (WWE).

Benoit became a well-renowned wrestler along the road. He won 22 titles and was widely lauded for his ring skills, notably his technical ability. Yet, his achievement came at a price.

Benoit violated WWE protocol by using anabolic steroids and testosterone, and his opponents repeatedly whacked him in the head with heavy items.

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“They were utilizing cables, ladders, and chairs as props when they were struck in the head. That is an actual chair made of steel, his father informed ABC News.

Benoit appeared to be able to operate properly outside of the ring since he was married twice and had three children, yet he occasionally exhibited aggressive behavior. Nancy, his second wife, sued for divorce shortly after their 2000 wedding.

Chris Benoit Divorce

Sports Keeda says that Nancy said Chris Benoit was unpredictable when he got mad, and she was afraid he would hurt her or their son, Daniel. But Nancy later took back her request for a divorce.

So, it was a shock to everyone when they heard that Chris Benoit had killed himself at age 40 and had taken Nancy and Daniel with him.

Chris Benoit’s Death and Cause of Death

The New York Times says that when Nancy was found, her hands and feet were tied and there was blood under her head. The police found Daniel in bed. And Chris Benoit was found in his home gym hanging from a weight machine.

Chris Benoit's Death and Cause of Death

Investigators soon found out that Chris Benoit killed Nancy and Daniel on June 22, 2007, and then killed himself. Nancy was the first one to be strangled, maybe out of anger. Then, it looks like Benoit gave his son Xanax and then suffocated him.

Then, before Chris Benoit killed himself, he looked up some things online. ABC News says he looked for stories about the prophet Elijah, who once brought a dead boy back to life. Then Benoit looked for the simplest way to break someone’s neck.

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Chris Benoit went into the family’s home gym after putting Bibles next to the bodies of Nancy and Daniel. Talk Sports says that he put a cable around his neck, hooked it to the heaviest weight on a weight machine, and then let go.

But the investigation into why the wrestler died in such a horrible way was just getting started.

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