Is tennis player Jeena Ostapenko expecting a child with Aona Ostapenko?

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Is tennis player Jeena Ostapenko expecting a child with Aona Ostapenko?


Jeena Ostapenko, or Aona Ostapenko, is a Latvian tennis player. In the eyes of the coaches for the Latvia Fed Cup team, she is one of the most important players. She has stood up for her country both at home and around the world.

This year, she was ranked No. 5 in the world by the WTA for singles, which was her best ever. The 19th of March 2018 was the date. She is ranked No. 9 in the world at doubles right now. The goal was reached on August 22, 2022.

She made history in 2017 when she won the French Open. She was the first player from Latvia to win a Grand Slam singles tournament. She also made history because she was the first player who wasn’t a seed to win the French Open since 1933.

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She has won seven singles matches and eight doubles match on the ITF Women’s Circuit. In 2014, she won the junior singles event at Wimbledon.

Is tennis player Jeena Ostapenko expecting a child with Aona Ostapenko?

She is competing at the Australian Open in 2023. When she showed up to the event “a bit bigger and fatter,” people started saying that she had put on weight.

Many people think she’s sick, and some even think she might have diabetes. Some people think she might already be a mom, while others think she’s expecting. But what if all of those theories are right? Find out why Jelena Ostapenko has put on weight!

Jelena Ostapenko’s potential future husband

Arthurs Karasausks, a soccer player from Latvia, and Jelena Ostapenko, a tennis player from Serbia, seem to be going out. Karasausks plays football in the Latvian Premier League for the team FK Liepja.

Is tennis player Jeena Ostapenko expecting a child with Aona Ostapenko?

But Jelena hasn’t put any information about the footballer or pictures of the two of them together on her site. One or more stories suggest that she knew how they were with the vast majority of the people.

Arthurs was also once married to Nikola Karaauska, but they are no longer together and have not yet divorced. This year, Ostapenko and Karasausk have been seen together a lot, which has also helped get the word out about their budding relationship.

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The stars of Stay Efficiency, who were in Liepaja for the Porta, helped out at the Ulubele Animal Shelter while they were there. The athlete also went to Jrmala, where she competed in the WTA Baltic Open tennis tournament.

Is it true that Arthur Karasausks and Jelena Ostapenko are going to have a baby?

Ostapenko and Arthurs have never talked in public about the fact that she is pregnant or that they have a child together. The athlete has kept her personal life pretty quiet, but she has been very open about her work.


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Many of Jelena’s fans think that her recent weight gain is due to rumors that she is pregnant. It’s possible that what they think about her being pregnant is true. Tennis players who are pregnant can still play as long as their health is not in danger.

Serena Williams, an American tennis player, won the Australian Open final in 2017 even though she was eight weeks pregnant. This made a lot of news. Because of this, it’s likely that the 25-year-old Latvian tennis star is pregnant.

But we won’t know for sure until she makes the announcement. Vimbuzz also surprised everyone in 2021 when she told them she was pregnant.

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Tennis Player Jelena Ostapenko Relationships and Dating

At the moment, there are a lot of rumors about the relationships of famous people. We work hard to make sure that our date information is correct. Below, we talk about Jelena Ostapenko’s current relationship.

Is tennis player Jeena Ostapenko expecting a child with Aona Ostapenko?

Jelena Ostapenko, the winner of the 2017 French Open, showed that she knew Arturs Karasauska by posting a picture of them together on Instagram. The two seemed to have a good life together.

Since they seem to keep their personal lives private, there aren’t many pictures of them on social media. Because Jelena is shy, it might be hard to find out everything about her past relationships, partners, and breakups right now.

Even though it’s harder for us to keep track of all of her current and past relationships, this wasn’t always the case. We’ll change this part as soon as we have the right information.

Jelena Ostapenko Illness


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When Ostapenko murdered Ajla Tomljanovic in 2021, she was sick and jet-lagged. In the second match, she admitted to having stomach issues, leading to a heated argument between the two players.

We are unable to ascertain the reason for the health emergency because the athlete did not specify whether the pain was severe or the result of illness. In addition, she appears to have gained weight due to her conflict with Ajla.

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Given that she provided for a beautiful soul in 2021, the game rules may have changed, and the recipient of her provision may now be obese. The exact source of Jelena’s weight gain remains a mystery, as she has not acknowledged its origin.

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