Cleveland Guardians: American Professional Baseball Team.

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The Cleveland Guardians are an American League baseball team (AL). The franchise, based in Cleveland. Ohio, has won six AL pennants and two World Series championships (1920 and 1948). For the majority of its history. The team was known as the Cleveland Indians. For decades, Native American activists and others. They have challenged the usage of the moniker Indians. Further claiming that Native American-related nicknames. And mascots were disrespectful and fostered racial stereotypes. The Indians organisation stated that the team would be renamed in December 2020. Following the end of the 2021 season. The team was renamed the Cleveland Guardians.

Cleveland Guardians

The Guardians originated as a minor league team in Grand Rapids. Michigan. Further before relocating to Cleveland Guardians in 1900. In 1901, the team was promoted to the big leagues. And renamed the Cleveland Bluebirds, or Blues. In 1902, they were known as the Cleveland Bronchos. Further before changing their name to the Naps. It was done the following year in honour of their new star player, Nap Lajoie. Owner Charles Somers asked local media to choose a new name. It was for the team in 1915, and Indians was picked. The franchise traded for Tris Speaker in 1916. And he guided the Indians to their first World Series title in 1920.

The Indians did not return to the postseason for another 28 years. But their appearance was remarkable. The 1948 Indians were headed by shortstop-manager Lou Boudreau. He is who was the American League’s Most Valuable Player. That year and one of five future Hall of Famers on the club. Outfielder Larry Doby, the league’s first African American player, and three pitchers. Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, and 42-year-old rookie and former Negro league great Satchel Paige were the others. 

Further Information on Cleveland Guardians

The Indians concluded the 1948 regular season tied with the Boston Red Sox. It is whom they defeated in the first major league one-game playoff. Cleveland Guardians then defeated the Boston Braves to win their second World Series. The Indians won 111 games in 1954 but were swept in the World Series by the New York Giants. The Indians then went through a lengthy spell of mediocrity. Further ending with a losing record in 27 of the 34 seasons from 1960 to 1993. The Curse of Rocky Colavito. According to popular folklore. It began when the Indians transferred Colavito. A prodigious home run hitter and fan favourite, to the Detroit Tigers in 1960.

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The Indians resurrected under manager Mike Hargrove. Further winning five straight AL Central Division titles (1995–99). They made it to the World Series twice, in 1995 and 1997. But lost both times. This era’s teams included power hitters Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome. As well as great shortstop Omar Vizquel. The Indians’ next postseason participation occurred in 2007. It is when they were defeated in the AL Championship Series by the Red Sox.

Under new manager Terry Francona. The Indians returned to the postseason in 2013. But were defeated in a one-game Wild Card playoff. The Indians won the division title in 2016. Despite a series of pitching ailments. Cleveland Guardians then lost just one game in the American League. Further playoffs on their way to a return to the World Series. This is where they were defeated in a thrilling seven-game series by the Chicago Cubs.

Cleveland Guardians

In 2017, Cleveland Guardians earned yet another division title. In the process, the club set a modern-day Major League Baseball record with a 22-game winning streak. However, the team’s season was cut short when the Indians lost their first postseason series. 

What Is Their Game All About?

The Indians earned their third consecutive division title in 2018. But they also lost their first postseason series. Cleveland Guardians three-year playoff streak ended in 2019. It is when the team finished second in the AL Central. The squad returned to the playoffs in 2020. But were defeated in the AL Wild Card series by the New York Yankees. After finishing second in the division again in 2021. Cleveland Guardians will miss the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the team’s nickname and iconography were drawing a lot of flak. The team’s “Chief Wahoo” emblem, a red-faced cartoon image. That many opponents saw as a racist depiction of a Native American man, sparked particular outrage. The team’s logo, which had been used since 1947. It was removed from jerseys prior to the 2019 season. Cleveland Guardians revealed its intention to alter its name on July 3, 2020. The same day the National Football League’s Washington Redskins. They stated that they would examine changing their unpopular nickname.

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The revelations occurred during major protests in the United States. That summer against racism and racial symbols. Cleveland announced its decision to call the club. A new, non-Native American-based name” in a statement issued the following December. On July 23, 2021, the franchise announced that the squad will be renamed the Cleveland Guardians at the end of the season. The renowned Guardians of Traffic sculptures erected. On the Hope Memorial Bridge right outside Progressive Field. Cleveland’s home ballpark, were a part of the inspiration for the new nickname.

Early Cleveland Guardians Basketball Teams

1865–1868 Cleveland’s Forest Cities (Amateur)

1869–1872 Cleveland’s Forest Cities

Forest Citys was an amateur ball club from 1865 until 1868. Following the triumph of the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings. The first completely professional club. Cleveland Guardians was among numerous towns that launched professional baseball teams during the 1869 season. Before and after 1870, the squad was commonly referred to as the Forest Citys, in the same manner. That the Chicago club was often referred to as The Chicagos.

Cleveland Guardians

The Forest Citys joined the newly formed National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NA). The first professional league, in 1871. Ultimately, two of the league’s western clubs failed during the first season. And the Chicago Fire bankrupted the city’s White Stockings. Further preventing them from fielding a team until 1874. In 1872, the year the club disbanded. Cleveland Guardians was therefore the NA’s westernmost outpost. Cleveland played its complete schedule through July 19. They then played two games against Boston in mid-August before disbanding at the end of the season. 

1879–1881 Forest Cities of Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland Blues, 1882–1884

The National League (NL) surpassed the National Association (NA). It was as the primary professional league in 1876. Cleveland Guardians was not one of the league’s founding members, but by 1879. The league was searching for new members. And the city obtained an NL club. Because the National League wanted separate colours for that season. The Cleveland Forest Citys were revived but rebranded as the Cleveland Blues in 1882. For six seasons, the Blues had poor records. These were wrecked by a trade dispute with the Union Association (UA) in 1884. When three of its finest players (Fred Dunlap, Jack Glasscock, and Jim McCormick). It defected to the UA after being given greater compensation. In 1885, the Cleveland Blues united with the St. Louis Maroons UA team.

Cleveland Spiders — nicknamed “Blues” from 1887 through 1899

Cy Young on a baseball card from 1911

Cleveland Guardians endured two seasons. It was further without a major league baseball franchise. It was before joining the American Association (AA) in 1887. After the AA’s Allegheny team joined the NL in 1889. Cleveland followed suit as the AA began to implode. The Cleveland Spiders (called after their “skinny and spindly” players). It gradually rose to prominence in the league. The Spiders relocated to League Park in 1891. It is which would become the home of Cleveland professional baseball for the next 55 years. The Spiders, led by native Ohioan Cy Young. He became a contender in the mid-1890s. Further appearing twice in the Temple Cup Series (that era’s World Series) and winning it in 1895. After this accomplishment, the squad began to wane. And was given a terrible blow under the ownership of the Robison brothers.

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Prior to the 1899 season, the Spiders’ owner. Frank Robison. He purchased the St. Louis Browns. Further giving him ownership of two teams at the same time. The Browns were renamed the “Perfectos”. And further their roster was reloaded with Cleveland talent. The majority of the best Spiders were relocated to St. Louis just weeks. Before the season beginning. Further including three future Hall of Famers: Cy Young, Jesse Burkett, and Bobby Wallace. The roster changes did not result in a dominant Perfectos club. As St. Louis finished sixth in both 1899 and 1900. The Spiders were reduced to a lower league lineup and began to lose games at an alarming rate.

With practically no spectators at home. The Wanderers spent the majority of the season on the road. The club finished the season in 12th place, 84 games behind first. Along with an all-time record of 20-134 (130 winning percentage). The National League abolished four clubs after the 1899 season, including the Spiders franchise. The terrible 1899 season would actually pave the way. It was for a new future for Cleveland supporters the following year.

Cleveland Guardians Infants — nicknamed “Babes” — 1890

The Cleveland Guardians Infants played in the Players’ League. It is which was well-attended in some cities. But club owners lacked the confidence to continue after one season. The Cleveland Infants, who played their home games at Brotherhood Park. It further concluded with a record of 55 wins and 75 loses. 

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