Youtube Stars Dude Perfect Future Headquarters is Here, They Plan $100 Million Headquarters Destination


Youtube Stars Dude Perfect Future Headquarters is Here, They Plan $100 Million Headquarters Destination


It could be the Dude Perfect equivalent of Disney World for die-hard fans.

The five-member comedy and sports YouTube creators plan a new Dude Perfect headquarters and “family-friendly” entertainment destination. They have a massive following of more than 58 million subscribers on the platform.

The new three-story headquarters structure will include a 330-foot “trick-shot tower,” a Dude Perfect museum, mini golf, a merch store, restaurants, and two acres of outdoor space. According to the Dallas Morning News, the facility could cost up to $100 million to build.

The income of Dude Perfect Group is very huge.

There is currently no information on when or where Dude Perfect-land will open. They hope it will be in North Texas, but they are pitching the project to several cities, including Los Angeles. and Atlanta, according to Sports Business Journal.

Dude Perfect has been working on the project with San Antonio architecture firm Overland Partners (who created the artist’s rendering of the facility above) for about a year. According to the company, the venue is intended “to manifest their digital brand into a physical destination designed to excite and engage visitors and fans.”

According to Overland’s project description, “the dynamic 330-foot canted tower projects from the site as a vertical expression of the brand known for their impossible shots.” “On the inside, visitors will be able to attempt the impossible shot as they ascend through a series of floors leading up to the top of the tower, surrounded by city views.” The iconic tower will be a focal beacon of Dude Perfect, encapsulated by the sweeping fabric structure.”

Dude Perfect shared this animation of the future headquarters:

Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and twins Coby and Cory Cotton are the five Dude Perfect dudes who live in Frisco, Texas with their families. The group’s first trick-shot video was posted in 2009, and their channel has received nearly 15 billion views to date. Dude Perfect also has a faith-based mission statement on its website: “We’re about giving back, spreading joy, and glorifying Jesus Christ.”

Dude Perfect shared this animation of the future headquarters:

And, courtesy of Overland Partners, here are some more artist renderings of the proposed Dude Perfect HQ:

The Overland | Apartments in Denver, CO

Latest Video of Dude Perfect:

One person shoots ten balloons with ten arrows in one shot in that video. Video upload on the Dude Perfect YouTube channel on September 24, 2022. Visit Dude’s Perfect YouTube Channel.

They have 58.3 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 300+ videos.

On Twitter, they shared a video in which they shared how the future house will be shown. They also wrote that it was just starting. You can see the tweet embedded above. If you want to know the net worth of dude perfect then click here.

Dude Perfect is considering Atlanta as a new corporate headquarters and entertainment destination. The proposed headquarters and entertainment destination for Dude Perfect will include a 330-foot tower.

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