is Misty Loman Still Alive


What Happened to Misty Loman: is Misty Loman Still Alive?


Misty Loman, who was born and raised in Kentucky, was arrested in July 2019 for meth use. According to her own account, she had been incarcerated fifteen times during her lifetime. Once Sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin posted her mugshots online without malice, she became a viral phenomenon.

The photographs were intended to serve as a warning story for drug addicts, due mostly to Misty’s odd look. Nevertheless, the mugshots only revealed one side of the tale and did not reveal the actual cause of her appearance. Misty has unexpectedly changed her life and is doing well in recovery.

Misty Loman Was Diagnosed With Multiple Autoimmune Diseases

Misty Loman stated after the notorious mugshots went viral, that there was more to her look than meth addiction. It came out that she had been previously diagnosed with a number of autoimmune conditions, including lupus panniculitis, bone cancer, and scleroderma.

What Happened to Misty Loman: is Misty Loman Still Alive?

In November 2021, while participating in Brandon Jarrett’s YouTube video, a 28-month-sober Loman revealed her side of the tale.

“I’d want to explain the misunderstanding surrounding my viral mugshots. A sheriff’s statement that if you used meth, you would resemble him went viral. I only wish to update the relevant details. I actually have lupus panniculitis, which is a kind two of lupus that is extremely unusual and resembles cancer.”

Lupus and scleroderma impacted not just the skin of her face, arms, and scalp, but also her body’s fatty tissues. In addition, the chemotherapy she received to cure her disease caused her to lose her hair and weight, further adding to her already delicate body.

“I know for a fact that medicines made it worse over time, but if you look at the photographs of lupus panniculitis, you will be able to comprehend more,” she added.

After Losing Her House, Family, and Children, Misty Stated That She “Reached Rock Bottom” in Her Life

Misty was at her lowest point in life a few years ago after losing her house, vehicle, and family. After three of her infant kids died, she suffered with sadness and the situation did not improve. One child was born while the mother was incarcerated and died at birth.

What Happened to Misty Loman: is Misty Loman Still Alive?

Misty was diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma while also grieving the death of her son and enduring great stress. Soon after, she lost her twin sons; one passed away in utero and the other lived for only 28 days after delivery.

In an interview with WBKO in October 2020, after she had been clean for 14 months, Loman stated that her children’s deaths were caused by her illness and were not drug-related.

“These atrocities have left me traumatized. I was mentally unstable and saw no way out, so I went to drugs and alcohol to dull the agony and dull my senses.

I was in a terrifying place where I felt lost, bewildered, and depressed. I did not wish to continue living. I had reached the lowest point of my life,” she stated in a statement that was released by WBKO News.

Misty was “broken in mind, body, and soul” at the moment and did not feel she could turn her life around. While she was aware of the possibility of rehabilitation, she was unable to convince herself to seek assistance and rehabilitate.

“I had no purpose. I intended to get high till my death. The doctors gave me little time to live, and I simply spiraled out of control. I saw no way out.

I felt very miserable. I didn’t want to wake up. I lost all of my hair, and it got quite awful. I lost my kids. I had been homeless. I was at my lowest point,” Loman continued.

After Meeting God, Misty Entered Long-term Treatment at the “Sisters in Sobriety” Clinic and Recovered

Misty’s extended family and older boys, Corey and Jacob (now 25 and 18), begged her to get treatment as her condition worsened. So, she received court-ordered long-term treatment at Sisters in Sobriety in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she met God. Misty left in early 2021 after recovering.

If you’re stuck and your mind, body, and spirit are broken, seek God. Prayer works. I’m living proof. God alone saved me. “God will help you at your lowest hour,” Loman told WBKO.

She is positive and believes that God does everything for a reason and that her struggles served a greater purpose.

“Epiphanies and confirmation along the route will lead and guide you. I now realize that everything happened to make me who I am. “I have matured so much and you need to go through the terrible to get to the good,” she stated in the video.

Misty Lives a Regular Life With Her Dog After Almost Three Years Sober

Misty stated in a recent interview with Brandon Jerrett that she was eager to do new things in recovery and go out on her own.

“I’ve also learned that sobriety can be enjoyable and is also a kind of self-care. Self-care is required to love oneself. Even on rainy days, I always identify the good and negative aspects of the situation. Consider that things may always be far worse,” she remarked.

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