Unraveling the Mystery of Abby Choi's Tragic Death


Unraveling the Mystery of Abby Choi’s Tragic Death: What We Know So Far!


Chinese beauty and socialite Abby Choi was reportedly brutally killed by her ex-husband and in-laws. Continue reading for more surprising information.

The terrible circumstances of Abby Choi’s murder have shocked the whole world. The Hong Kong model, age 28, was reported missing last Wednesday, and two days later, her mutilated corpse was discovered in a residence in the Tai Po neighborhood.

According to the South China Morning Post, meat grinders, chainsaws, a hammer, face shields, and two soup pots containing what is believed to be human flesh were also uncovered (SCMP).

In addition, Hong Kong’s Kowloon West regional crime unit’s Superintendent Alan Chung informed the media that a hole measuring (6.6 inches) by (5.7 inches) was discovered near the rear of the head. According to forensic specialists, Choi was most likely slain by a lethal blow.

On Monday, her former husband, Alex Kwong Kong-chi, and his family members were charged with her murder and brought before the court.

Who was Abby Choi and why was she brutally murdered? Continue reading to learn the gruesome facts of the heinous murder.

Who was Abby Choi?

Abby Choi, a 28-year-old model, socialite, and social media influencer, had an extravagant lifestyle that included fashion presentations and picture shoots.

Unraveling the Mystery of Abby Choi's Tragic Death

Recently, she attended a Dior fashion presentation during Paris Fashion Week. She had over 100,000 Instagram followers. Choi’s most recent Instagram post was a photograph she made for the cover of the fashion magazine L’Officiel Monaco.

In addition to being published in worldwide publications such as Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, Abby Choi was hailed as “one of the industry’s most sought-after influencers.”

Abby Choi Had 4 Children

Abby supposedly wed her former spouse, Alex Kwong, at the age of 18. The two children he shared with the Chinese model are now 10 and 8 years old.

Unraveling the Mystery of Abby Choi's Tragic Death

Choi has two further children with her current boyfriend, Tam Chuk Kwan, also known as Chris. According to The Standard-Times, Tam has committed to caring for all four of her children. The two oldest children from her ex-husband are presently living with her mother, according to the accusation.

According to accounts, even after her divorce, Abby continued to assist her former in-laws and her two children. She apparently also purchased them a nice condominium.

Why Was Abby Choi Killed, and What Was the Reason for Killing Her?

The reason for Abby Choi’s murder has not been determined by the authorities in any official capacity as of yet. Nevertheless, local media sites have speculated that a property dispute between Choi, her ex-husband, and her in-laws, involving millions of Hong Kong dollars, might have been the impetus for the murder. This issue would have involved Choi’s in-laws.

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