Tulsa Meteorologist Clint Boone Dies Suddenly


Tulsa Meteorologist Clint Boone Dies Suddenly, What Happened With Him?


Twitter laments the passing of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based meteorologist Clint Boone. Fans are curious as to what caused his untimely passing.

A well-known weather reporter named Clint Boone began working for KOTV in January 2022. He had only been employed for two months when he developed close ties with the KOTV staff.

On Linkedin, Clint listed his employment at KOTV New ON 6 as a weather reporter. He was a staff meteorologist at KJRH for almost three years prior.

On Monday, renowned Tulsa journalist Erin Christy shared her condolences and paid tribute to his departed soul on Facebook. Unknown at this time is the cause of death.


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What Happened to Clint Boone, KOTV Meteorologist? Cause of Death Not Revealed

The meteorologist Clint Boone’s obituary has been reported on numerous websites. Clint, the KOTV meteorologist, was an accomplished weather reporter. The presenter Clint has won millions of people’s hearts with his extensive knowledge and experience.

According to reports, Clint has been giving listeners in Tulsa weather updates. He has since passed away, leaving his supporters in shock.

A user posted on Facebook that meteorologist Clint Boone, one of his former classmates, had passed away. What a wonderful, “stand-up” guy he was. I’m depressed.”

Tulsa Meteorologist Clint Boone Dies Suddenly

Clint Boone, who was based in Tulsa, passed away on February 7, 2022. His sudden passing has shocked the fans and his coworkers at KOTV, although the cause of his death has not yet been made public.

Regarding Clint’s age, his birthdate is currently a secret. He appears to be in his 35 to 40s based on his appearance.


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People have been using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to express their deepest condolences to his deceased soul. One user commented, “May his soul rest in paradise.”

Clint Boone: Is He on Wikipedia? Details From His Facebook and Bio

On Facebook and Instagram, Clint Boone is active. He regularly updates his 4.9k Facebook fans about the weather.

“Bye Bye Snow 60s return by Tuesday,” reads his most recent Facebook post.

Despite being well-known in the journalism industry, Clint has no Wikipedia page. No worries, you can read his brief biography right here.

Clint also spent five years as the chief meteorologist at KSFM Channel 5. He has been pursuing a career in journalism in the channels that broadcast weather news since 1995.


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Clint, a native of Tulsa, is kind and charming. He will win people over with his straightforward demeanor. Unfortunately, the journalist has passed away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did Clint Boone Work Before Channel 6?

He had previously worked at both KTUL and KJRH before joining News On 6. Clint spent nearly 25 years working in the weather, spending time in Tulsa, Pittsburg, Kansas, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and northwest Arkansas (Fort Smith and Fayetteville).

Where Did Clint Boone Work?

Clint Boone spent almost 25 years working in the weather, travelling to places like Kansas, Tennessee, Northwest Arkansas, and 3 stations in the Tulsa market. However, his loved ones claim that he was so much more than just a meteorologist.

Who Are the Meteorologist on Channel 6 in Tulsa?

Ingrid Knight With a look at our 9-day calendar and a forecast for Friday, Stacia Knight is in the Bob Mills Weather Center.

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