The Truth About ‘s Previous Life as a Thief in Luxury Hotels

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Aubrey Plaza, star of “The White Lotus,” recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where she had a conversation with host Nicole Byer. During their conversation, Aubrey talked about stealing things from hotels, filming “The White Lotus” in Italy, giving a stripper pole to her sister, and many other topics. Continue reading to find out more about this wacky chat that took place between Nicole and the star who is 38 years old.

The Whole Family Will Enjoy This Stripper Pole…

Nicole Byer, the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” introduced Aubrey Plaza, 38, by saying that the stunning actress is starring in two new movies: “Emily the Criminal,” which is currently playing in theaters, and “Spin Me Round,” which will be playing in theaters and on AMC Plus in the near future.

The manner in which Aubrey was introduced to the show is now the most intriguing aspect. She was dressed in something that resembled a black dress when she approached a dancer who had a jiggling tummy and threw some cash at him. Nicole made a joke as she sat and asked, “Do you pool dance, do you strip, do you often slip clowns, tell me about it.” Aubrey responded with a joke, saying, “No, I don’t, but I really got a pull for my sister while she was in the quarantine.”

Yes, she did purchase a stripper pole for her sister to utilize during the quarantine period because that is something that is traditionally done in their family. She went on to say, “For her 21st birthday, I celebrated by taking her to Las Vegas to witness the Magic Mike performance.” She disclosed that her sister had been coerced into performing on stage and that she had a natural talent for it.

Aubrey declared, “Since I enjoyed it so much, I try to instill healthy interests in my younger sisters.” Nicole responded that she, too, had attended the show but, thankfully, she was spared from being called up on stage. Nicole also shared that Aubrey had given her a pole as a gift and inquired as to whether or not her sister kept it in the living room. “In which room is it?”

The response from Aubrey was as follows: “She actually, um, because it was during the lockdown, she built it in my dad’s basement, so yea, he was just a proud papa, he really likes it.” My father is like that; in fact, he was more enthusiastic about what happened than my sister was. Nicole made a lighthearted comment, “Does your dad use it?” The response from Plaza was, “I don’t want to know. I have no idea what he intends to do with it.” However, she wrapped up her remarks by stating that “he most certainly enjoys partying,” so you probably already knew that.

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Production on the second season of “The White Lotus” has begun

As the conversation continued, Nicole asked, “You shot season 2 of “The White Lotus,” right?” Where exactly did you film it?” When asked where the movie was made, Aubrey responded, “It was shot in Italy, and we were in Sicily for five months.” She claimed that prior to that, she worked on the film “Spin Me Round” for a total of three months, and that she had been living in Italy for something close to a whole year.

Nicole inquired, “What do you do to help yourself feel more at ease in your surroundings?” “It’s funny living out of a hotel,” Aubrey said in response. “I got really into going into town and like the old tiny Italian village and purchasing like weird Grandma lamps.” She admitted that she kept them in her room, but given that they were staying in a five-star hotel, the employees there would tell her, “You know that if you ask, we can offer you a lamp.” To give it more of a cozy, homey atmosphere, she mostly relied on those lamps.

Nicole questioned everyone in a lighthearted manner, “Did anyone look at your crazy double-fisting lamps?” Aubrey disclosed that she had been physically pursued by police for carrying those lamps and that she had been reported for appearing so odd. In addition to that, she was filming in Taramina during the off-season while wearing sweatpants, which added to the lunacy of the situation.

Nicole felt that being followed by cops simply for carrying lamps around was an excessive amount of attention. During the conversation, Aubrey made a joke about it and remarked that she was actually carrying much more than that, but “let’s not get into that.” You are aware of what she intended, aren’t you? During the filming, not only was she noticed in the town, but also in the luxurious hotel where she was staying because she was playing a practical joke on another cast member by putting witchy symbols fashioned out of sticks about the room.

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Taking bottles and toilet paper from hotels without paying…

The first thing that Nicole admitted was that one of her guilty pleasures is stealing toilet paper from hotels. Suddenly, Aubrey spoke up and said, “Yeah, the same for me! Me too!” Nicole continued by saying that she would now want to confess that she has not purchased toilet paper in almost seven years. The response from Aubrey was as follows: “I steal it from hotels, I steal it from my trailers, if you see that parks and records, steal all the toilet paper every day.”

She went on to say, “I take it to my apartment at the hotel in Italy, I would actually walk down to the gym, and take as many bottles of water as I could and fill my hoodies so that I wouldn’t have to have to pay for water since I couldn’t drink from the tap over there.”

She admitted that it felt strange to be a robber at a fancy hotel, but she had to do what I had to do in order to survive. She said that the Italians did identify her as an actor and cited her performance in the movie “Dirty Grandpa” as the reason for their recognition of her in that capacity.

If you didn’t already know, Aubrey Plaza has a Puerto Rican part to her heritage. When she was 20 years old, she had a stroke that left her temporarily paralyzed and left her unable to communicate herself through speech. A couple of years later, while she was working on the set of Parks and Recreation, she suffered a transient ischemic attack. Now she is doing well and is killing in Hollywood with her performances.

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