The Teen Mom Star, Leah Messer, Has Recently Become Engaged to Her Boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley

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Teen Mom star Leah Messer is surely having the time of her life right now, as she and her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, have just announced their engagement. On Friday, as the pair was celebrating their anniversary in Costa Rica, Jaylan asked Leah to be his wife with a proposal.

The reality actress, who is 30 years old, was taken by her boyfriend’s surprise gift of a ring with 4.7 carats worth of diamonds. Keep reading to learn more about the memorable occasion that the couple shared together as well as their relationship.

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On a beach in Costa Rica, Mobley popped the question to Messer

After having supper on Friday night that was cooked by a private chef, the couple went for a stroll on the beach to enjoy some quality time together. Mobley surprised his girlfriend by getting down on one knee and proposing to her at one point while they were out walking.

In a recent interview, Messer discussed the significant day in her life, and she remarked, “It feels fantastic. I could never have dreamed that I would be here with you today, but at the same time, I couldn’t picture being anywhere else. I am at a loss for words to describe how I am currently sensation. I wished for this moment to be the best it could possibly be for her.

The reality television actress went on to say that “she sensed something was going on but had no idea it was going to be like this.” Mobley also said that he was anxious before to the proposal, and he continued by saying, “I’ve been thinking about this for at least two to three months.” I was sure that it would be fun if we did it in Costa Rica, because that’s where we went on our very first vacation together when we started dating.

“It took a lot of individuals working together to make this happen. He went on to say, “I just think of myself as being blessed and lucky to be a part of her life.”

The First Time the Couple Met Was in the Year 2020

Although they initially met in September 2020, Leah and Jaylan did not begin communicating with one another until February 2021 on Instagram. When Leah posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend cuddling up together on social media in September of the previous year, it served as the moment that ultimately marked the beginning of their official relationship.

In addition to this, it is reported that Jaylan has a strong relationship with Leah’s daughters. The famous person is the mother of twins Aliannah Simms and Aleeah Gracie Simms, whom she shares with her ex-husband Corey Simms, as well as Adalynn Calvert, whom she shares with her formerly married partner Jeremy Calvert.

In March of this year, Leah had discussed her feelings over the possibility of marrying Jaylan. When asked about it at the time, she had responded, “I don’t know. I suppose you could say that I’m interested in getting married, but at the same time, I’m not in any rush. I guess all I really want to do is get to know him better. Give me permission to love this man. Permit me to get to know this individual better. Even more so before we add any further strain to an already stressful relationship. That sums up the situation pretty well.”

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Plans for Leah and Jaylan’s Wedding Have Been Revealed

The pair also discussed the preparations they had for their upcoming wedding and expressed their excitement about beginning their lives together. “I want to walk myself down the aisle,” Messer added. This is something that I keep harping on. I’ve worked hard to be where I am as a mother and a woman, and I want everyone to recognize the strength it took to get here.

“I am looking forward to everything that the future has in store for us, including the coming together of our families, the children that we will bring into this world together, and the expansion of our enterprises together. I have a lot of questions, but I’m looking forward to finding out the answers,” she went on to say.

In their conversation, Jaylan also brought up their future together and remarked, “I don’t know if I can say that there’s one thing [that I’m most enthusiastic about].” I’m really looking forward to everything that the two of us are going to do together, including making this promise to one other, making a commitment to the girls, expanding our family, and just doing this life together as one.”

Since Leah and Jaylan have decided to spend the rest of their lives together, please extend your congratulations to them. Keep an eye out for further reports and updates.

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