The “Slumberland” Trailer Released by Netflix, Starring Jason Momoa

Jeremy Caroll

What would you think if apples started to taste like bananas overnight? Or does it feel colder during the summer months? Or do we begin moving in opposite directions and declare it to be straight?

Since what I just observed was comparable to this, I am aware that this is absurd. Jason Momoa, who plays Jason in the movie Aquaman, is well-known and adored for being the rugged, powerful man who could crush someone’s face with just one glance.

This one, though, would make him feel as though he were being given a sugar cookie. Although this year has shown us some bizarre things, I could never have imagined Jason Momoa playing an adorable bear for an entire movie.

Yes, I’m referring to his upcoming Netflix movie Slumberland, in which we see him take a young girl on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Netflix never ceases to amaze us, and Slumberland is a prime example. The fantasy movie with a big budget is arrived, and its trailer is wonderful. View it and make your own judgment.

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Netflix Bring Slumberland here Jason Momoa is the star

When everyone on the internet was talking about the highly anticipated collaboration of Jason Momoa with the always-favorite Francis Lawrence from the Hunger Games, Netflix originally announced the fantasy movie back in February 2021.

The pair had previously collaborated on the AppleTV production Saw, which gained enough notoriety to approve a new project.

Due to its outstanding aesthetics and special effects, the next fantasy movie has one of the largest budgets for the streaming service.

The Little Nemo in Slumberland comic book series serves as the basis for the movie. The movie will have a significant premiere release in November.

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Jason Momoa Appearing In A Never Before Seen Trailer

With its polished fantasy experience that makes everyone want to be a part of it, Netflix’s upcoming fantasy Slumberland intends to transport audiences into a different world.

The trailer immerses us all in the dream realm with its mesmerizing and ethereal landscapes. Momoa gives us our first look at him in action as he adopts a different persona to make a young girl’s dream come true.

As he guides Nema around the dreamworld and on different enjoyable excursions, Momoa exhibits a considerably more idiosyncratic and singular character than a conventional, manly action hero.

What does the movie cover?

A girl named Nema, played by Marlow Barkley, discovers a hidden map to the dream world known as Slumberland by accident in the comic book series “Little Nemo in Slumberland,” which is the basis for the movie Slumberland.

Together with her father, Nema used to reside and adore her life at the lighthouse. She is thoroughly enjoying learning to sail thanks to him. Nema is now living with her distant uncle Philip because Peter tragically perished at sea. He is entirely different from Peter in that he is dull and annoying.

With the aid of an eccentric Flip, a half-man, half-monster creature who claims to have known Peter in the past, a secret adventure voyage takes place in the hopes that she will be able to meet her late father once again.

Slumberland is preparing for a November debut alongside several other significant releases that Netflix will announce soon.

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