The Hunky Knight from Warwick Castle Becomes an Internet Sensation Thanks to TikTok

Jeremy Caroll

The internet is currently fawning over a castle’s long-haired lancer, and it’s easy to see why. A video of the dashing knight that was uploaded to the video-sharing website TikTok not too long ago became extremely popular after users of social media compared him to a Disney prince.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about the dashing knight who became famous on the video streaming service TikTok.

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Who is the dashing knight who has become so popular on TikTok?

For those of you who aren’t aware, allow us to fill you in: only recently, a video clip of a hot guy named Will Arnold went viral on the internet, and now people can’t stop gushing over him. The jousting re-enactments that take place during the Wars of the Roses at Warwick Castle feature Will Arnold as the main attraction. Permit us to fill you in on the fact that the castle is a well-liked destination for families during Sun Superdays.

Will is 33 years old at this point in time. His primary location is in Birmingham. He is an avid horse rider and athlete, and in the live jousting shows, he plays the part of Sir Edward. He is currently employed by Knights of Middle England in this capacity. On top of that, the mothers have been gushing about him across a variety of social media channels.

People can’t stop talking about Will, the dashing young man, ever since the video he posted on the social media platform TikTok went viral and became extremely popular. While his video has been viewed more than a million times at this point, he is getting explicit remarks directed at him online.

How did the internet users respond to the video that Will Arnold uploaded to TikTok?

According to the comments of one user, “he can ride a horse with no hands, whereas my spouse can’t even prepare a chicken.” Another person continued by saying, “never in my life have I been more jealous of a horse,” and then went on to explain further.

The next comment was made by a user who referred to him as “the ultimate hybrid of Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth.” There is a God.” An additional comment was made by a user, who said, “So I’m thinking that all of my children’s single mothers are taking them to Warwick Castle for ‘educational purposes.'”

Another user made a joke about the eight-hour travel in order to witness the show and said, “It’s only an eight-hour drive. I promise to arrive there before daybreak. One of the users said, “Oh, he is like the Hemsworth brother that was left out.”

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What was Will’s reaction to the sudden attention that was directed at him?

During a contact with the media, Will expressed his gratitude for all of the attention that has been directed at him and added, “It’s come as a huge surprise to me. This level of attention has never been shown to me before. My sole concentration has been on performing my duties and putting on the most impressive display that we are capable of. But when all of a sudden I started getting a lot of messages from women, I realized there was something fishy going on.

In addition to this, he stated, “My mother thinks it’s hilarious, and she’s telling all of her friends about it.” My job requires a lot of physical labor. I make an effort to eat healthily and I consistently go to the gym. I am currently getting ready to run the London Marathon. To be able to provide my best to the team, it is imperative that I am in peak physical condition.

What are your first impressions of the dashing knight? In the space provided below, we would appreciate it if you could share your opinions. Remember to keep up with us at all times for the most recent information.

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