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The Hilarious Throwback Video Featuring Sofia Vergara Shows the Actress Struggling in a White Swimsuit

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With yet another image featuring the actress in a swimsuit, Sofia Vergara has managed to raise the temperature of the summer. Instead of the swimsuit being the emphasis of her latest post, the fact that she’s straining to hold on to a pool float is the focus, which reveals her silly side in this one.

Vergara released a really comical video of herself struggling for her dear life as she attempted to ride a floating bull toy for her pool on July 4, as a cute and funny retro present for her fans. She captioned the photo with “4th of July summer #tb,” which is now an internet classic.


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In the video, we watch Vergara after she has already gotten wet attempting to ride the pool floaties despite the fact that she is unsuccessful. As she attempts to get aboard, she can’t help but crack up as she repeatedly falls off the platform. Believe us when we suggest you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. As usual, Sofia Vergara is dazzling her fans by posting photos of herself in a cutout white swimsuit that makes her appear really stunning.

When seeing Vergara’s video, her friends and former co-stars couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Her former co-star on Modern Family, Jesse Tyler, referred to it as a “classic,” while the judge on America’s Got Talent, Howie Mandel, praised her ability to “ride the bull-like you walk to the desk.”

Vergara manages to appear stunning at all times, whether she is attending a red carpet event with her husband Joe Manganiello or posting flashback swimwear photographs from her early days as a model. Vergara embodies the concept of self-assurance and makes the most of the summer season with her postings that center around swimsuits.

Sofia Vergara

Vergara gave her response to the question of what it’s like to face the challenges of being a beauty icon in a prior interview with Home Business Magazine. “Well, it’s fantastic that at this age I’m still considered a beauty icon because you know that after you start feeling time goes by, things change,” she added.

“Well, it’s great that at this age I’m still considered a beauty icon.” “So of course I love it, I think it’s amazing that I’m exposing a little bit more of the Latin looks all over the world, I’m showing a little bit of my ethnicity off,” she said. “I’m exhibiting a little bit of the Latin looks all over the world.”

Sofa Vergara, Who Is 49 Years Old, Recently Participated in a Photo Shoot for Instagram in Which She Flaunted Her Seriously Sculpted Booty in a One-piece Swimsuit

Putting on a swimsuit on the weekend has a distinct feel to it, and Sofia Vergara is the perfect person to ask about this because she knows exactly what I’m talking about. The former cast member of Modern Family published over the weekend on Instagram many jaw-dropping photos of herself sporting a stunning leopard-print one-piece swimsuit, and it is without a doubt everything.


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The photographs show the woman, who is 49 years old, displaying her highly toned legs, booty, and arms from a variety of perspectives. In the caption accompanying the photo, she wrote, “Finally the weekend!! solicit #hm #gettingreadyforsummer.”

And it should not come as a surprise that right away everybody started freaking out. Her co-star on Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, responded to the news by writing, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?” “Goalssssss🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍,” someone else wrote.

It is clear that Sofia gives a lot of attention to her workout routine, as a result. However, her go-to maneuvers are not difficult to learn at all. Her trainer, Jennifer Yates, stated in an earlier interview with Marie Claire in 2017 that her client enjoys walking on a treadmill with a steep inclination (this seems like a recent trend on TikTok, doesn’t it?). Yates commented that “She does not like to run.” She will jump on the spin bike for 15 minutes every so often, but her preferred form of exercise is walking up a steep hill.

Sofia Vergara

For Sofia, it’s all about being consistent, as evidenced by the fact that she works out as many as seven days per week. Despite this, she is not interested in altering the fact that she adores her curves. Yates stated that Sofia’s goal is to gain muscle and get a certain look since she enjoys having curves. Even though she enjoys spinning, she finds that walking is the most beneficial kind of cardio for her.

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According to E!, Sofia has also collaborated with the personal trainer Julio Cruz, whom she depends on to acquire a sculpted bottom. He suggests alternating between workouts such as reverse lunges, hip bridges, and toes-out squats in order to achieve a butt that is on par with Sofia’s.

The high-intensity, low-impact Lagree Method, which Yates described to People as “bodybuilding mutated into Pilates,” is one of Sofia’s favorite forms of exercise. The sofa is also a huge fan of Pilates-style workouts. In addition to that, she employs a device known as a Megaformer in order to achieve the desired results.

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