The Ending of the New Minion Movie, “Rise of the Gru,” Has Been Altered in China

Jeremy Caroll

The conclusion of the most recent Minions movie, titled Rise of the Gru, has been changed as a result of censorship in China.

After viewers of the movie realized that the conclusion had been altered, they voiced their opinions on various social media platforms.

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The Rise of the Gru Signaled a Change in China’s Ending

People who watched the film were under the impression that the censors had tacked on an addendum showing that Wild Knuckles, who is one of the key characters in the film, was apprehended by the authorities and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Another thing that was different was that Gru, who had been working with Wild Knuckles on the plot, “returned to his family.” Not only that, but he considered ‘being a father to his three kids’ to be his greatest accomplishment.

After Gru gets away from the authorities by pretending to die, Wild Knuckles and Gru take off together in the original version that was released internationally.

A film review publisher named DuSir, who has more than 14.4 million followers on Facebook, commented on how the Chinese version of the movie was one minute longer than the international version. He remarked, “It is just us who require special instruction and care for fear that a cartoon will ‘corrupt’ us,” and he said this in reference to the worry of being influenced by cartoons.

The film’s distributors in China, Huaxia Film Distribution and China Film Co., have not replied to the anger and criticism that has been directed toward the censorship of a cartoon movie. Neither of them have issued any statement. Many others even made fun of the addition by referring to it as a PowerPoint presentation in an attempt to trolling and parody it.

The number of foreign films that can be shown in Chinese theaters has recently been subject to quotas set by the Chinese government. Changes were made to other movies before they were shown in theaters, thus Rise of the Gru is not the first one to experience this. The same thing has happened to a lot of Hollywood movies in the past, including this one.

Other Notable Films Banned in China and Their Censorship

Even while there is a greater emphasis placed on movies in general to appeal to a more broad audience, China appears to still require additional content. Before being allowed to be released in China, movies often have their plots altered or certain elements added or taken away in order to appeal to the Chinese market, which may be quite lucrative.

Even well-known films like “Iron Man 3,” “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” and “The Karate Kid” were subject to alterations. Several iconic moments from the film Titanic were cut from the final cut of the movie before it was released.

Even though many people believe that Hollywood should not let China have any say over the movies it produces, the country’s enormous market just cannot be ignored. More than 70 percent of a movie’s earnings come from markets outside of North America, with China accounting for a significant portion of those earnings.

A peculiar illustration of this can be seen in the film Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise dons the recognizable jacket in the movie, which bears the flags of both Japan and Taiwan on the sleeves. However, in order to appease the Chinese government, the flags have been replaced in the Chinese version of the movie with a few different symbols.

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The Increasingly Strict Censorship in China

Censorship in China is not confined to just the film industry; it can also be seen in the gaming industry. A Chinese adaptation of the game known as Game For Peace has been released in place of the well-known online battle royale game Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG). China has not hesitated to prohibit video games that depict China in a derogatory light, including violent or sexual content, or both.

“pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard [China’s] airspace,” is how the more recent Game For Peace describes what it does. Additionally, when you kill an enemy in the game, they will hand over their loot box to you and say their goodbyes before vanishing.

The audience is unhappy because they are unable to chose what they want to watch, despite the fact that it is said that the modifications were made for the benefit of the people as a whole.

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