The Complete Ranking of All Rick and Morty Characters, From Best to Worst!

Jeremy Caroll

The animated series Rick and Morty features multiple realities and universes teeming with entertaining characters, but the competition for the top spot on our list of all Rick and Morty characters ranked is the fiercest of them all. The animated science fiction adventures of Rick and Morty have introduced viewers to a diverse cast of extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. Additionally, the show is jam-packed with peculiar and hilarious humans, aliens, and other bizarre entities, with literally hundreds of significant and insignificant characters making appearances.

There are characters like Gearhead who aren’t very interesting, pun characters like Abradolph Lincler, and obscure people like Diane Sanchez. However, over the course of the show’s more than 50 episodes, certain characters have demonstrated subtlety, individuality, and narrative strength. For fans of the show, the following is a ranking of all of the Rick and Morty characters in order from least interesting to most interesting.

1. Rick Sanchez

On our list of the best characters from Rick and Morty, Rick comes in first place. Rick is a bright scientist who exemplifies the show’s philosophy and nihilism. He is known for placing his grandson Morty in precarious situations due to the fact that he is unpleasant, irresponsible, and pessimistic. He is still considered to be one of the best cartoon characters that have ever been created, which is why he is considered to be the best Rick and Morty character ever. You give Rick permission to be jaded, disdainful, arrogant, and sociopathic, according to Dan Harmon, one of the co-creators of the animated series Rick and Morty. Harmon stated that Rick has more important issues to deal with than anyone else since he understands things better than we do.

It is impossible not to like Rick because Rick is the character who makes viewers feel everything: rage toward him, disgust at him, heartbreak for him, or just amazement at his wit. And we think he is correct because it is impossible not to like Rick because Rick is the character who makes viewers feel everything.

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2. Morty

Morty is a timid, impressionable, socially awkward, and terrified young boy, but he is also quick-witted and amusing. We observed as this young boy attempted to overcome his limitations, aid his family, care for others, and become the unsung hero who helps rescue the multiverse. Morty never stops believing in his grandfather Rick, and he is Rick’s best companion, which makes him one of the best characters in Rick and Morty. Without him, Rick would very likely end his own life, but Morty never stops believing in his grandfather Rick.

Evil Morty is a fan favorite and the focus of various rumors and conspiracies relating to the program. He is the only Morty who has ever managed to outwit Rick by hacking his portal pistol, hence this makes him a popular character. It was a lot of fun to watch how he was completely defying the norms of being a Morty, which was something else that we observed.

3. Summer Smith

Summer’s role on the show has grown significantly over the course of the series. Previously, she appeared in a number of Rick and Morty’s best B-stories; however, she now travels with Rick and Morty on an increasing number of adventures. As a result, viewers have had the opportunity to see and hear a greater amount of Summer’s biting, adolescent one-liners.

Summer, Morty’s older sister, initially acted like a typical preteen girl, but as the seasons proceeded, she became more astute and courageous, making her one of the best characters on Rick and Morty. In the beginning, Summer acted like an ordinary preteen girl.

4. Jerry Smith

There are some people who might question the inclusion of Jerry on this list of the finest Rick and Morty characters. Because even though he did some embarrassing things in the show’s early seasons, he also had moments of true courage, such as when he fought off the Cronenbergs to rescue Beth and Summer, Jerry is a character that is unapologetically himself, which is admirable. The reason for this is that while he’s done some humiliating things, he’s also had moments of true courage.

Jerry, who is married to Beth and is the father of Morty and Summer, is frequently depicted as a loser who gives up constantly. Jerry is insecure, but he loves his wife unconditionally and wants to live an ordinary life, which is why he is one of the best Rick and Morty characters. Morty and Summer’s mother is also portrayed as a loser who gives up constantly.

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5. Pickle Rick

On our list of the best Rick and Morty characters, Pickle Rick was an obvious choice to include. Pickle Rick is a fictionalized version of Rick Sanchez who appears when Rick transforms himself into a pickle in order to avoid family therapy, but he realizes his mistake when he is thrown into the sewer and must fight for his life. Pickle Rick is a character in Rick and Morty. Rick Sanchez is a character in Rick and Morty. Ge equips himself with insect appendages and, later, a rat suit, which gives him the ability to be active.

Unfortunately, without the Anti-Pickle Serum, Pickle will never be able to transform back into a human. This Rick exemplifies one of Rick’s worst qualities, which is that he cares more about himself than about his family; this component of Rick’s personality exemplifies one of the negative features of his character.

6. Beth Smith

Beth goes through a remarkable transformation throughout the course of the show, making her one of the most memorable characters in Rick and Morty due to the fact that she is at the top of the character rankings. She used to be someone who was cynical and unwilling to be a part of marriage and family, but now she is someone who is proud of where she is in life and is delighted to be there. Beth Smith is a multidimensional woman who gives her family the utmost importance, takes her career as a horse surgeon seriously, and at times makes questionable choices in her personal life. She is Rick Smith’s daughter, Jerry Smith’s wife, and Morty Summer’s mother.

Sarah Chalke has compared herself to Beth and stated that she completely sympathizes with Beth’s desire for praise and affection. She also stated that playing Beth was a lot of fun for her because the character developed so much throughout the course of the show, and that playing her has been a lot of fun for the actress now that the show is over.

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