Terricka: Is She Pregnant


Terricka: Is She Pregnant? Who Is the Father of Her Baby in P-valley ?

Jeremy Caroll

Terricka and her mother Mercedes Woodbine have a tense relationship in the Starz drama “P-Valley.” Terricka asks Mercedes why she hasn’t taken care of her after getting independent after learning that her dance teacher is actually her mother. Terricka refuses to believe Mercedes’ explanations of the unwinnable legal procedures behind the same.

After rushing to Mercedes in tears in the sixth episode of season two Upon Mercedes’s inquiry as to what has transpired, she is presented with a pregnancy test by her daughter.

Is Terricka Pregnant?

Yes, Terricka is expecting a child. Terricka gives Mercedes a pregnancy test strip that says “Yes+” when Mercedes asks her why she is crying. Mercedes doesn’t find out anymore about her daughter’s pregnancy because Terricka is still shocked by the news.

Terricka must be afraid of living the same life as her mother, who got pregnant when she was 15 years old. Mercedes had to give up her daughter because she was too old, so Terricka must be worried about the same thing or at least about how her pregnancy will change her future. If Mercedes’s experience taught Terricka anything, it’s not surprising that she’s worried.

Terricka: Is She Pregnant

First of all, Mercedes and Shelle may decide what will happen to Terricka’s baby. Shelle’s life has been ruined by taking care of Terricka, which is why she calls her a “mistake.” Shelle thinks that Terricka is the personification of her husband Cortez’s mistake. She probably won’t take Terricka’s baby in addition to her.

Shelley might only see the baby as more work. Shelle may want Terricka to have an abortion to keep her word to her husband. She used alcohol to deal with the anger and helplessness she felt from taking care of Terricka.

Terricka might get back in touch with Mercedes if she doesn’t want to have an abortion. Mercedes probably won’t go against what she wants. If that’s the case, we may also see the long-awaited reunion of the mother and daughter, which would happen after Cortez told Shelle that Terricka shouldn’t live with her real mother.

Mercedes will probably take care of her pregnant daughter to make up for what she did wrong. Since Mercedes went through the same thing, she may also know how to deal with it. Terricka and Mercedes might become inseparable if Terricka moves in with Mercedes.

Who Is the Father of Terricka’s Baby?

No one knows who the father of Terricka’s baby is. Since she isn’t dating anyone, it won’t be easy to figure out who did it. No matter who the father is, Terricka must be afraid that she will have to give up her child as Mercedes did because of her father, Cortez. How Terricka’s father feels about the pregnancy test may also affect what happens to the baby, especially if he wants Terricka to have an abortion.

Terricka: Is She Pregnant?

Even though it will be hard for Terricka, she may try to stick to her decision about the baby, no matter what the father, Mercedes, or Shelle says. We can expect her to make a choice that makes sense for her life instead of being forced to do what other people say.

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