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Should You Avoid Netflix’s Latest Jane Austen Adaptation ‘Persuasion’? Starring Dakota Johnson!

Jeremy Caroll

The trailer for Netflix’s rendition of Persuasion caused a stir last month when it included a line reminiscent of Fleabag’s aside to the camera. Is this a hint that the novel will be a fresh spin on an old favorite? One, no, it’s not about a guinea pig café, but maybe it’s evocative and subversive like the cult Phoebe Waller-Bridge books? Simply put, the answer is negative.

Not if early reviews are any indication; they portray a fairly bleak picture of what moviegoers may anticipate from the film when it opens next week.

The drama has been “not just mercilessly Netflixed but ingratiatingly Fleabagged,” according to The Telegraph, with language that “perpetrates five war crimes per minute.” This is clearly an attempt to link itself with Waller-female Bridge’s tale. The FT, irritated with what it calls “near-constant” asides to the camera, has taken to demanding that filmmakers “Rebuild the fourth wall!”

Over and over again, the Evening Standard has pointed out how embarrassing the whole production is “This Jane Austen dramatization on Netflix is aiming for belly laughs. Sadly, that’s not good. Only if you find that cringing loosens your bladder do you need to take any further care.”

Constant, unflattering Bridgerton parallels have also been made. Then I said of it, “It has none of the sensuality and fleshy exuberance, nor the extravagant clothes, preferring instead a low-key appearance of genteel poverty and a concentration on family life.”

Netflix's Latest Jane Austen Adaptation ‘Persuasion’

The film has been criticized for its complete lack of fidelity to the novella by Jane Austen. Slash Film writes, “Where Austen’s Persuasion was a somber, melancholy story that is less about the heart-fluttering romance than it is about a woman’s reassertion of her self-worth, [Carrie] Cracknell’s Persuasion, is a quirky rom-com that is loaded with scenes of Dakota Johnson.

The Independent says, “at no time during Carrie Cracknell’s directorial debut do you ever get the sensation that anyone has really read Persuasion,” which is maybe the most embarrassing thing that could be said about the film.

From the Oscar-winning Ron Bass, writer of Rain Man, and the Royal Court, and Young Vic associate director Cracknell, on paper, Persuasion shouldn’t have gone so wrong. After her performance in the Maggie Gyllenhaal thriller The Lost Daughter on Netflix, Dakota Johnson joins Richard E. Grant and Henry Golding in this film.

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Reimaginings of classic works like Emma by Autumn de Wilde and Little Women by Greta Gerwig are only two examples of the recent success of the period drama industry. However, there have also been major flops, such as the BBC’s unimaginative The Pursuit of Love from last year, and Netflix’s poor reaction to the ‘Fleagency’ Persuasion, which followed their car-crash remake of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca in 2020, in an effort to cash in on the massive success of Bridgerton.

Dakota Johnson, Who Plays Anne Elliot, Talks About Her Role in Netflix’s Persuasion

In an interview, Dakota Johnson said, “Women couldn’t pick who they wanted to be with for love in that age.” Johnson plays Anne Elliot in the upcoming period drama Persuasion. They were put in a position where they needed to decide between prosperity, respectability, and safety.

However, Austen’s female protagonists often showed more independence and agency than they were given credit for, opting for romance above material success and social standing.

Netflix's Latest Jane Austen Adaptation ‘Persuasion’

To paraphrase, “This rendition couldn’t be more relevant. It’s quite neat that work from the early 1800s can so accurately predict contemporary events.

Her parents Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith are both in the acting business, and Dakota made her acting debut in the film Crazy in Alabama in 1999. The Fifty Shades of Grey movies and the romantic comedy How to Be Single both featured her as a leading actress. An emotive Netflix film, The Peanut Butter Falcon, featured her in 2019.

In the Role of Captain Frederick Wentworth in Persuasion, Played by Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis plays the dashing naval commander and former lover of Anne Elliot, Frederick Wentworth, when he returns to town. This British actress is perhaps best known for her role in the 1995 film Lady Macbeth, although she also appeared in the 2015 film Spooks: The Greater Good.

Watch the Trailer Below:-

Henry Golding Will Play the Role of Mr. Elliot in the Production of “Persuasion.”

Anne’s cousin Mr. Elliot is a vicious and heartless man, making him a typical Jane Austen villain.

Henry Golding explains why he couldn’t refuse the role of Mr. Elliot: “He’s such a nasty, mischievous wrench in the works.” In light of the fact that you already know you won’t be getting the girl, you’re free to go crazy. You can never predict his next move since you never know what he’s thinking or what drives him. The experience was one in which I took great pleasure.

Henry Golding, who rose to prominence in the role of Henry Lui in the comic films Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor, is likely playing against type in this dramatic role.

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