"Scott Kelly Neurosis" Admits His Permanent Retirement and Abusing To His Wife and Children!


“Scott Kelly Neurosis” Admits His Permanent Retirement and Abusing To His Wife and Children!


Scott Kelly, the frontman, guitarist, and original creator of the metal band Neurosis came to Facebook on Saturday to “address certain misconceptions and set the record straight” concerning his wife and younger children’s “emotional, financial, verbal, and physical assault.” Kelly claims that he kept his abuses hidden and “I found methods to keep my wife and children away from work and school, and I split up with friends and family members. To maintain control, I became preoccupied with threats, manipulation, threats of self-harm and suicide, and perpetrated bodily harm on others and their reputations.”

Kelly said in the same statement that he is “100% permanently resigned from being a professional musician.”

“We cannot emphasize the degree of revulsion and disappointment we feel for a guy who we once called Brother,” the surviving members of Neurosis said in reaction to Kelly’s article. The band is keen to point out that Kelly left Neurosis in 2019 “after learning of horrific acts of abuse he did against his family over the previous years.” Members of Neurosis first refused to go public due to privacy concerns — a direct request from Kelly’s wife, they claim.

Kelly, bassist Dave Edwardson, and drummer Jason Roeder formed Neurosis in 1985. Neurosis began as a hardcore punk band before incorporating doom-metal elements when guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till joined in 1989, followed by synth/visual artist Noah Landis in 1995. Souls at Zero, Through Silver and Blood, and Times of Grace made permanent effects not only on metal but also on the greater world of heavy music.


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Kelly has been a part of various Neurosis spin-offs, including Tribes of Neurot, Shrinebuilder, and Blood & Time, in addition to his solo work and his new band Absent In Body, which released an album in March.

Kelly claims that when his wife attempted to escape the violent relationship, he “I tried to persuade her and others that I was insane and seeing things and that I had no idea what I was doing… She attempted to assist me by referring me to therapists and psychiatrists. In front of the specialists, my falsehoods and deceptions crumbled.” “I hounded and tormented her day and night and led her and our child to live in a continual state of terror,” he adds.

This isn’t the first time Kelly has said anything like this. In 2017, he wrote about his struggles with the concealment of his mental illness “from the individuals I work with and meet in public. ” Kelly said that after discontinuing medicine, he “abandoned his family for a week while regularly tormenting my wife with abusive phone calls and text messages.”

“We have lived far away for the previous twenty years and only saw Scott when we met together to collaborate on music or play gigs,” Neurosis says in its statement. “We had no concept what life was like for his family while we weren’t there. Scott’s abuse was purposeful, targeted, and kept a well-guarded secret – even from those closest to him.”

Sanford Parker, Kelly’s bandmate in Corrections House and Mirrors of Psychic Warfare, was both a producer and musician “Scott had no concept how much pain he was inflicting on his family. He usually talked about his mental illness and things he regretted doing in the past, but nothing like this.” Parker, on the other hand, is even more direct in his answer to metalheads: “I see a lot of people praising him for his honesty, which is complete nonsense; he gets no appreciation. I have no sympathy for Scott, and you should not either.”

Through its music and lyrics penned by Kelly and Von Till, Neurosis has spent its lengthy career mining the darkest pits of darkness – agony is part of the process. While the remaining members “grieve for the loss of our life’s work and a legacy that was important to us,” their reprimand is unequivocal: “There is nothing brave about systematically assaulting your wife and children.”

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