Scientist Mark Stokes’ Final Post Prompts an Outpouring of Support for His Fight Against Cancer


Mark Stokes, a man, and scientist fighting cancer has inspired an outpouring of affection after disclosing in his farewell Twitter tweet that he has days to live.

Social media has proven that it can boost and unite people, while occasionally being perceived as a place that encourages negativity.

Mark Stokes, a Twitter user, has received a lot of sympathy after bidding the internet and the world farewell.

What Did Mark Stokes Say on His Final Tweet

Mark Stokes, a scientist who lives in the United Kingdom and has been battling cancer for the past two years, disclosed that he only had a few days left to live on Sunday morning (December 18, 2022).

In his farewell letter, Mark said, “Hi everyone, I’m afraid it’s time for me to say goodbye.” Not just abandoning Twitter, but quitting everything all together. I have been fighting cancer for the past two years, but I just have a few days left to live now.”

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He expressed his gratitude to everyone who had shown their support for him and stated that he would be leaving this earth “with much love in my heart.”

At the time of writing, Mark’s concluding post had garnered 771 thousand likes and approximately 40,000 retweets on Twitter.

Mark Stokes is a Scientist

According to Mark’s profile on the St. John’s College Oxford website, he is a professor, tutor, and scientist with a focus on cognitive neuroscience.

Before relocating to the UK in 2004, he completed a combined BA/BSc degree at the University of Melbourne. Here, Mark received his PhD from the University of Cambridge’s department of cognition and brain sciences.

Scientist Mark Stokes' Final Post

Prior to being chosen for the MRC career development fellowship in 2012, he received a junior research fellowship from the university.

According to his biography, the scientist has studied how working memory, flexible decision-making, and selective attention are “integrated for adaptive goal-directed behavior.”

Additionally, Mark has directed a program of cognitive neuroscientific study and written several articles on his findings for various publications.

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A Tweet Inspires Expressions of Support

Katie Couric and Glynn Washington, both journalists, were among the people who sent Mark prayers and love notes.

Glynn said, “May all the light in the universe shine on your way, Mark.” “Thank you for making us remember what really matters.”

Katie wrote, “Thank you for telling us about your journey and reminding us that we are all the same.” “I wish you peace and freedom. And that love is all around you.”

“God bless you,” said someone else. “I don’t know you and you just showed up in my feed, but I admire your courage for writing this.”

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A fourth one said, “Your acceptance of your fate is the bravest thing I’ve ever read, and I really hope for a miracle and that you are saved. God bless you and the people you love. You are a beautiful human.”

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