Rocket League Season 8 Launch Date: Launch Date, Time and Rock Pass Prices All Here

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Rocket League Season 8: Hit the Streets is all set to begin, and the beginning date and time have been officially confirmed. The following season will have a new map in addition to the return of the “Haunted Hallows” event, which will give the game a more eerie feel. Everything that you need to know is included below.

Rocket League’s next eighth season will also include the launch of a brand-new Rocket Pass, which will feature a total of seventy tiers and a ton of awesome content centered on the “Streetwear” motif. In addition to that, the extremely popular auto football game will now include the Honda Civic Type R.

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When Will Rocket League Season 8 Be Available, and When Will It Begin?

Rocket League is getting ready to launch its eighth season, which will be known as “Hit the Streets.” The premiere of Rocket League’s eighth season will take place on Wednesday, September 7, 2022. The significant upgrade is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT.

The official Rocket League social media accounts have confirmed the release date of Season 8, which will add a great deal of interesting stuff to the already exhilarating game. The update will technically be available on Wednesday in the UK at 12 AM BST.

What Can Players Anticipate From the Upcoming Eighth Season of Rocket League?

The next eighth season of Rocket League will include a whole new arena to the game that will be known as “Sovereign Heights.” This new arena will add some variety to the existing map rotation and appears to be located in an urban setting downtown. It has an extremely sleek appearance and will undoubtedly be a delightful arena in which to compete.

In addition to this, one of the most well-liked competitions in Rocket League, the Haunted Hallows, will be returning with Season 8 of the game. Recently, we have seen crossovers between Rocket League and Batman, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and other popular franchises. Who anyone guess what the developers have in store for us this time?

Aside from that, there is the standard Rocket Pass, which contains 70 tiers, a great number of amazing awards, and more than enough content to satisfy any gamer.

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Details of the Rocket League Season 8 Pass for the Rocket Pass

Rocket League’s next Season 8 will feature the return of the classic Rocket Pass, which will have 70 tiers and offer players various “Streetwear”-themed cosmetics as rewards. There will also be brand new rewards that are exclusive to the Tournament, as well as rewards for the Black Market Tournament.

To begin, there will be a Rocket Pass Premium available for a purchase of 500 credits, and a Rocket Pass Bundle available for a purchase of 3,000 credits. The latter may presently be purchased at a discount of 33%, bringing the total cost down to just 2,000 credits.

When you purchase one of the bundles, you will receive the following items:

Rocket Pass Premium:

Unlocking of the Classic Honda Civic Type R takes place instantly.
Unlock the tuned-up Honda Civic Type R-LE after reaching level 35.

Rocket Pass Bundle:

Unlocking of the Classic Honda Civic Type R takes place instantly.
12 more levels have been added.
Players that finish all 70 tiers of the Rocket Pass will be able to unlock pro items and receive versions of Rocket Pass goods that have been painted to their specifications. They also have the ability to trade them. The free rewards consist of a paint finish named Windows, an antenna named Chocolate chip, and a decal called Krush.

The Honda Civic Type R is going to be included in the Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass.
In Rocket League Season 8, the Rocket Pass will contain an actual car for the very first time in the game’s history. If players invest in the Premium Rocket Pass during this event, they will be granted instant access to the Honda Civic Type R.

You will have a significant advantage in the game if you use the stunning vehicle, which has the same hitbox as the octane. Later on in the Rocket Pass, players will have the opportunity to obtain a more powerful variant of the Honda Civic called the Type R-LE.

These automobiles will come standard with a variety of potential cosmetic add-ons, such as the EdgeLight package, which will provide them with a glowing effect that wraps around the bottom of their body kits and give them an exuberant appearance. To claim your Honda Civic Type R, all you need to do is select the Rocket Pass option from the main menu and then click on the “Get Premium” button.

Rewards for Tournaments and the Black Market are also included in Season 8.
In addition to the goods that may be obtained through the Rocket Pass, users can also receive other awards through the ongoing seasonal competition as well as the newly introduced Black Market. The following prizes are up for grabs for those who compete in the Season 8 Tournament:

Sk8s Player Banner
Hibachi Topper
The following prizes will be up for grabs in the newly revamped Black Market:

Starliner Decal
Amplitude Goal Explosion
However, you are going to need a bit of luck in order to claim these. The newly begun season will come to a close just a few days before the conclusion of this calendar year. The eighth and final season of Rocket League will conclude on December 7th, 2022. Before that happens, there will be a lot of exciting events!

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