Robbie Knievel Died: Cause of Death, Net Worth & Ealy Life


Robbie Knievel,Biker, daredevil son of Evel Knievel, dies at 60


Robbie Knievel, the second-generation biker and daredevil who jumped the fountains of Caesars Palace and the Grand Canyon in his father Evel Knievel’s high-flying bootstraps, has passed away. He was 60.

Robbie Knievel Cause of Death: Knievel died of pancreatic cancer on Friday in Reno, Nevada, according to his brother Kelly Knievel’s statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

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“The lives of daredevils are not simple,” he remarked. “Every time they accomplish a leap, they have to come up with another one. They are performers, after all.”

Robbie Knievel dead: Daredevil son of Evel Knievel was 60 |

Twenty-two years after his father crashed catastrophically in a stunt at the newly opened Caesars Palace on New Year’s Eve, Knievel successfully cleared the hotel fountains in Las Vegas in April 1989 and screamed, “That was for you, Dad.”

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Robbie Knievel Records: In 1999, he set a personal record of 228 feet over the Grand Canyon on his motorbike, but he shattered his leg upon landing. In 1974, his father attempted to fly a rocket-powered vehicle across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, but his parachute was released prematurely, resulting in a miserable failure.

Robbie Knievel leaped 231 feet over 30 limos on television in 1998, between two 13-story buildings in Las Vegas in 1999, and over five military aircraft on the deck of the USS Intrepid in New York City in 2004.

Over the years, he leaped hundreds of times, over and above military vehicles, Hummers, trucks, barges, buses, and Batmobiles, and besides a hotel volcano.

Robbie Knievel Early Life: Robert Edward Knievel II was born in Butte, Montana, on May 7, 1962, to Evel and Linda, a former cheerleader. He began riding motorbikes at age 7, did his first act with his father at Madison Square Garden at age 8, and began traveling with his father at age 12. To advance his profession, he left Central Catholic High School in Butte.

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In 2011, as “Captain Robbie Knievel,” he performed his final stunt by jumping over a series of tractor-trailers at a casino in Coachella.

Robbie Knievel dead: Son of Evel Knevel and stunt performer was 60

In addition, he appeared on CHiPs and Hawaii Five-O and was the subject of the 2017 documentary Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story.

In addition to his brother and mother, he is survived by his sisters Tracey and Alicia, as well as his daughters Maria, Krysten, and Karmen, and his five grandkids.

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Robbie Knievel Net Worth: Robbie Knievel was an American daredevil and stunt performer who, at the time of his death, had a net worth of $2 million.

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