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Riddick 4: Is the Movie Still Going To Release or Is It Cancelled?

Jeremy Caroll

Since the release of Riddick in 2013, which starred Vin Diesel, both the actor and the film’s director, David Twohy, have been dropping hints about Riddick 4 here and there. The first hint came from Vin Diesel himself, who shared with fans in 2014 that Universal Pictures had expressed interest in producing a fourth installment in the Riddick film series.

It’s been eight years, and the sequel is still not available to the public. During that time period, Diesel had roles in three installments of the Fast and Furious film franchise as his well-known character Dominic Toretto, as well as five Marvel films providing the voice of Groot.

In spite of the passage of time, he has not stopped sharing information concerning Riddick 4 with the public. For instance, in 2015, Diesel announced on his Instagram account that director David Twohy had begun writing the scripts for the fourth film, which was going to be dubbed Furya, as well as a television series that was going to be called Merc City.

After a period of four years, the actor made the announcement that he had obtained the official script for the subsequent production. Finally, in May of 2022, Diesel posted a storyboard on his social media accounts. In it, Riddick is seen wearing a spacesuit and having a stunned expression on his face. The storyboard includes the following line: “The boy’s eyes gleam just like Reddick’s.”

Is the youngster referred to in the line Riddick’s successor, or does Riddick come across people on his home planet of Furya who resemble him? We are only able to conjecture on these particulars, but the release date for Riddick 4 is something that we ought to be aware of without a doubt. When will this never-ending tease finally come to a stop, and when will the much-anticipated sequel finally be released?

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Date of the Release of Riddick 4

Diesel, who is very necessary for the production, is presently filming Fast X, which is slated to be released on May 19th, 2023. Reliable sources claim that Vin Diesel intends to see the Fast and Furious franchise through to its conclusion before moving on to his next major undertaking.

As most people are aware, Fast 11 will be the final picture in the franchise, and we found out that Diesel wants to shoot the 10th and 11th movies consecutively before beginning production on the next Riddick movie. As a result, production on the fourth installment of the Riddick franchise might not begin until 2023 at the earliest.

If we think back to the picture Riddick (2013) and examine how it was shot as well as the post-production work that was done on it, we’ll see that the movie wasn’t released until about one and a half years after principal photography had begun. In the event that the same procedure is followed for the future film, the release date for Riddick 4 would not come earlier than the summer of 2014.

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What is the complete name of Riddick?

Riddick’s full name is Richard B. Riddick, despite the fact that he is only known by his nickname, Riddick, by the general public. His middle name has been the topic of conversation on several internet forums, but it has not been disclosed in any of the films as of yet. Riddick comes from the planet Furya, which was ravaged by a military campaign and is now known as his home planet.

Before Riddick is even born, a man named Lord Marshall is told by someone that a kid named Riddick would be responsible for his demise. As a result, the guy makes an attempt to kill all of the male children who are living in Furya. He even uses his own hands to put some of them out of their misery by strangling them. Riddick should have been one of the people who were strangled, but instead he managed to survive.

Even though he has a lot of unique characteristics, the one that stands out the most is the shape of his eyes. This is a trait that is only present in a minority of members of his species. Due to the fact that Riddick’s eyes are so sensitive to bright light, he is required to wear goggles in order to safeguard them. However, the ability of his eyes to see in the dark is another advantage that he possesses. In addition to this, Riddick possesses a number of other important skills, including the ability to thrive in harsh environments, exceptional mobility, and strength, as well as piloting.

Does the Marvel universe include Riddick in any way?

The fact that Riddick does not exist in either the Marvel or DC universes will likely come as a surprise to the vast majority of people. Pitch Black (2000), the film in which the character made his initial appearance, was the impetus for the creation of both the fictional universe of Riddick as well as the character himself.

Therefore, the character does not originate from any comic book. In the course of the production of the sequels, The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Riddick (also known as Riddick: Rule the Dark), both the plot and the cast of characters were expanded upon (2013). As a result, since Diesel provides the voice for Groot, the character exists in the Marvel Universe, whereas Riddick does not.

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